The Diocese of Huron supports its churches and their congregations through missions and outreach dedicated to facilitating strong Christian ministries throughout southwestern Ontario. The Diocese organizes, governs and maintains countless programs both at the parish level and in the international community. It provides organization and support for the local Anglican community while training, nurturing and guiding the future leaders of the church.

From the Huron Hunger Fund, which provides international aid across the globe, to Accessibility Initiatives concerned with opening our buildings to all members of our community, the Diocese is committed to moving forward in faith and love. Together with all in our family, we work daily to bring our vision to life.

List of Ministries

Abundant Life

Abundant Life helps support spiritual renewal of the people of the Diocese of Huron and its churces.

Lent 2018 Resources:




Advent 2017 Resources:




Amazonia – Our Companion Diocese

In 2014 the Diocese of Huron signed a Companion covenant with the Diocese of Amazonia, a new mission diocese in Brazil, around the city of Belem.

“In this Companion Diocese relationship we join hands in the Love of Jesus Christ, to share fully in His mission and ministry. We are companions in the spirit of the early Church, together devoting ourselves ‘to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.’ (Acts 2) We seek to encourage one another, sharing and enriching our faith in Jesus, recognizing and upholding the gifts that each Diocese brings to Christ’s mission. Ours is a relationship of interdependence and shared responsibility, of friendship and mutual support on the Way of Jesus. We expect that each of us will emerge from every step of this companionship journey strengthened and enriched by the other.”

Our Covenant is a five-year covenant to: pray for one another; exchange information about our work in mission; encourage parish partnerships and visits; together uphold the Marks of Mission, especially with respect to the environment; share the Gospel in word and action; and to evaluate our partnership regularly.

Check out stories about our companion diocese:
Ven. Tim Dobbin: What does Amazonia have to teach us? An awful lot!
Nigel Challen: A new five-year covenant between the Diocese of Huon and the Diocese of Amazonia
David James: The wonders of Amazonia – The Anglican way
Bishop Linda Nicholls: Our abundance is in our people: A lesson from Amazonia
V. Rev. Paul Millward: A historic moment in the life of Amazonia
Reverend Marinez Bassotto elected Bishop of Amazonia
Bishop Bob’s Stories From the River, A Pilgrim’s Journey
Archdeacon Peter Townshend: ‘The church that walks with people’
Rev. Hilton Gomes: A light has been shining in the forest
Anglican Church Women discovering the Diocese of Amazonia: two stories

Anglican Church Women

Almighty God, our Heavenly Father, who sent your blessed Son into the world to become the Saviour of all, grant to us a deep sense of gratitude for your grace and mercy towards us.  Enable us by Your Spirit to reveal your love in prayer, work and stewardship, so that your salvation may become known to all people and your name glorified throughout all the earth.
Through Jesus Christ our Lord.


The organization, Anglican Church Women (ACW), is comprised of all the women in the Anglican Church.
What is the ACW’s Purpose?
The purpose of the ACW in the Diocese of Huron is to seek to unify all Anglican Women in the fellowship of worship, learning and sharing, which will deepen and strengthen their lives and will lead them into fuller Christian service.

Check our latest activities here:
Proposed Budget for 2019


Membership in the ACW is an automatic rite.  If you are an Anglican church woman, you automatically belong to the ACW in your parish.  Membership is free!  To exercise your membership, simply attend a regular meeting of your parish ACW.

Your ACW is comprised of the following three groups:

Diocesan Council

This group of Anglican Church Women conducts the affairs of the ACW in the Diocese of Huron.  Meetings are held regularly throughout the year at Huron Church House, London.  The following 30 Anglicans serve on this Council:

  • 1 Bishop
  • 1 Chaplain
  • 27 volunteer Anglican Church Women
  • 1 part-time secretary


Deaneries consist of numerous parish ACWs.   They encourage fellowship and co-operation among the parishes.  Deaneries serve as the link between the Diocesan Council and the parish ACW’s.  In the Diocese of Huron, there are 13 Deaneries.  Each is comprised of approximately 15 parish ACWs.

Parish ACWs

Parish ACWs exist to unite all Anglican Church Women within a parish in the fellowship of learning and sharing.  Approximately two hundred parish ACWs are active in the Diocese of Huron.


Financial support for social actions, nurture and other outreach projects of the ACW in the Diocese of Huron is derived from two main sources, namely: Parish ACW groups and the ACW Diocesan Council. 
Periodically, throughout each year, Parish ACW’s send their Fairshare donations to the ACW treasurer of the Diocesan Council at Huron Church House.  All these donations are forwarded to the National Church in Toronto.  The money is then dispersed on their decision of greater need.  
Various bequests are held in trust on behalf of the ACW by Diocesan Synod.  The ACW Diocesan Council dispenses the interest from these investments annually.  These funds along with Thankofferings go to support these National and International projects:

  • St Monica House, Waterloo;
  • Huron Church Camp Bursary Fund;
  • College Chapels: Canterbury, Windsor; Huron, London; Renison, Waterloo;
  • Children’s Festival;
  • Henry Budd Centre, The Pas, Manitoba;
  • Dr Graham’s Homes, Kalimpong, West Bengal, India;
  • Mission to Seafarers;
  • Council Lay Training;
  • Special Requests and Other Additional Projects

For more information please contact:

Ellie Eldridge
Anglican Church Women Secretary

Anglican Fellowship of Prayer


AFP Logo
  • To encourage prayer in the life of the church;
  • To be a teaching resource helping people to grow in the life of prayer;
  • To build links between praying people


Prayer Unites THE AFP PRAYER

Lord Jesus, give to your church a renewed desire to pray,
that together we may know your will, be filled with
your love, and experience your grace and power,
for the healing of your world, to your glory.

OUR AFP TEAM FOR THE DIOCESE OF HURON OFFERS – Prayer workshops and quiet days

  • AFP parish representatives training;
  • Resources for prayer – intercessory, corporate, personal, prayer chains, prayer groups;
  • Bishop’s Conference on Prayer each October;
  • Weekly diocesan prayer intentions;
  • Alongsider’s Programme for our house bound parishioners. A marvellous opportunity to stay connected with you home parish when you are no longer able to attend on a regular basis by holding up the concerns of the community in prayer, an active prayer ministry;
  • Providing prayer resource kits to the newly ordained;
  • Prayer vigils for synod;
  • Prayer for the parish priest

For more information, please contact:

The Rev’d Val Kenyon
Diocesan Representative
Anglican Fellowship of Prayer
Email: [email protected]

Bishop's Friends
Bishops' Friends Logo
Over 30 years ago a group of men gathered together and decided that they had an opportunity to support the ministry of our bishops and the group “Bishop’s Men” was formed. Today, the work of that visionary group continues through the “Bishop’s Friends” which welcomes all in our Diocese.

Our Bishops of Huron have as part of their ministry the full pastoral care of our clergy families and other forms of outreach. That ministry requires the strong support of the people of Huron to provide the necessary resources to fulfill this mission. There is no Diocesan budget item for this important ministry of caring when unforeseen events create emergency requirements and need for support.The Bishop’s Friends represent that vital support in Huron.

To learn more about how your involvement can make a difference. Please contact us with your name, address and parish.


Contact Stephanie Donaldson: [email protected]



Contact Jeff Ford: [email protected]


Contact Nancy Snyder: mailto:[email protected], or
John Sizeland: [email protected]


For more information, please contact:

The Venerable Tanya Phibbs
Executive Archdeacon, Archdeacon of Huron & Registrar

Bridge Builders

Bridge Builders (Doctrine of Discovery Response)

Bridge Builders is a task force of Synod established in May 2014 to assist the Diocese of Huron by helping congregations understand and explore the meaning and implications of the action of the Church to repudiate the Doctrine of Discovery.

Bridge Builders strives for a balanced representation of indigenous and non-indigenous members. Its work is to engage the conversation of a new relationship in the Church between indigenous and non-indigenous peoples. It has been able to initiate sacred circles of conversation in some congregations and continues to respond to requests to do so. It has prepared a resource for churches to engage with the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in a liturgical way and recommends resources for those interested in going further.

The Rev. Canon Gaye Whippey


King, Thomas; The Inconvenient Indian
King, Thomas; The Truth About Stories
Boyden, Joseph; The Orenda
Regan, Pauline; Unsettling the Settler

Wrongs to Rights: How the Church Can Engage the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People; Edited by Steve Heinrichs, published by Mennonite Church Canada, and available to purchase online at Common Word Bookstore and Resource Center

Brotherhood of Anglican Churchmen
Camp Huron
Huron Church Camp Logo
Camp Huron is a sacred and joy-filled place. We provide children and youth with a safe, nurturing and inclusive environment in which to encounter and celebrate the wonder and adventure of themselves and God’s creation.

The Diocese of Huron believes that the ministry of residential youth camping as offered at Camp Huron has a significant impact in building up the body of Christ. The Diocese believes this ministry, occurring in the midst of God’s natural creation, is a commitment to the broader mission of the Diocese.

For more information go to our website

Blessing or Commissioning for Attending Camp Huron

Register online starting January 15 at 6pm

September – late June
190 Queens Ave
London, Ontario
N6A 6H7
(519) 434-6893 ext. 217
(519) 673-4151
July and August
Box 509
Bayfield ON
N0M 1G0
(519) 434-6893 ext. 217
(519) 565-2822

For summer deliveries only
74960 Bluewater Highway


CHAPLAINCIES TO INSTITUTIONS: (Colleges, Hospitals, Jails, Nursing Homes)

The Diocese helps support Chaplains on the university campuses in London, Waterloo and Windsor through our three church-related colleges of Huron, Renison and Canterbury. These Chaplains carry on a pastoral ministry to students and faculty in each of these university communities. They expect and appreciate referrals from parish clergy of people who go on to university.

Chaplaincy services to general hospitals, jails and nursing homes are provided by the clergy and lay people in the communities where these institutions are located. Frequently the ministry to those places is co-ordinated on a deanery basis.

For more information, please contact:

The Ven. Tanya Phibbs
Executive Archdeacon

Jennifer McLaughlin
Human Resources Officer

Children and Youth

We will not hide them from their children: we will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, his power, and the wonders he has done. Ps. 78:4

Welcome to the pages of Huron’s website dedicated ministry to children, families and youth. One only has to look at how things have changed during our lifetime to realize the possibilities and potential our young people have today. Those same changes and possibilities can challenge us as we minister to, with and alongside our young people, as we strive to pass on the Good News.

Whether you are a Children or Youth Ministry Leader, a parent, or a young person we hope the information we share on these pages will be helpful. Whether you need answers, connections, information or resources browsing the Children and Youth Ministry Pages may help you.


In the Diocese of Huron we faithfully strive to ensure

  • that children and families are be made to feel welcome in all of our churches;
  • that every family is unique and loved by God that children and families are given opportunities to grow and build strong and healthy relationships with each other and with God;
  • that every child has the right to feel safe and secure at all times;that regardless of background, culture, or circumstances all children and families should be given the opportunity to participate fully in programs, groups and worship, nurture and social activities

The following resources will be of particular interest to those involved in ministering to Children and Families in congregations across Huron Diocese:

Our Sacred Trust Logo
Our Sacred Trust” Children and Youth Ministry Manual contains in its pages the Safe Church materials of the Diocese of Huron as they pertain to Children and Youth Ministry.
How are we Doing Logo
The Child, Youth, and Family Friendly Church: “How are we doing?”. This reflection and planning tool invites parishes to take a snapshot of where their congregation is, and where they might go, in developing a vital ministry with children, youth and families.

A resource website that offers ideas for ministry with children:

Whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me, and whoever welcomes me welcomes not me but the one who sent me. – Mark 9:37

If you’d like to discuss the ministries available for children at your church, you are welcome to contact Laura Manias [email protected], Michelle Davis [email protected], or Cynthia Connell [email protected].


Youth Ministry in the Diocese of Huron is as diverse as the communities throughout our vast geographic area – from city-based downtown ministry to small rural ministry in our farming communities.

For our young people this diversity turns to unity when they gather together to offer prayer, praise and their very selves to God. They want to hear the Good News, they desire to learn how to share that Gospel with their friends and they want to grow in their relationship with their God.

The Youth Committee of the Diocese of Huron is focused on offering programs and support to young people through biblical knowledge, community building, liturgical formation and learning the language that will help them share the great Gospel. Come here to find information on upcoming events and activities where you can gather with youth from across the Diocese to grow together in God’s Kingdom while having a great time– such as at Youth Conference, SOCC and CLAY.

The Committee members are also dedicated to supporting and empowering the committed volunteers and staff who priority is to minister to our young people. From connecting leaders, to national projects such as the online training tool “Trailblazing”, to training events at our annual Youth Conference as well as providing opportunities to network at our annual diocesan Youth Leaders’ Retreat Weekend, your Committee is here to support and encourage youth leaders.

Our Youth Chaplains are always available to come to support your events and studies. Ask and you will find that we are happy to send someone along to help your young people understand that the entire Diocese is behind their desire to grow in their relationship with God.
For more information or to share some exciting youth events or programs happening in your community, please contact us: [email protected]

Your Quick and Easy Checklist – CLAY 2018


Ask & Imagine
Live the Change Logo
Just Generation Logo
Huron Church Camp Logo


Children and Youth Ministry Resource Centre

Housed at Church House is a library of Children and Youth Ministry related materials. Sections include Worship Resources, Programming Resources, Theology of Youth Ministry, and many others along with a collection of Curriculum samples. Most of these can be sign out on short loan. We encourage you check out the developing Resource List.


“Our Sacred Trust” Children and Youth Ministry Manual contains is its pages the Safe Church materials of the Diocese of Huron and they pertain to Children and Youth Ministry.


Here is a list of Children and Youth Ministry Links for leaders and for young people including everything from resource links to interesting blogs.


Here are links to some forms related to Children and Youth Ministry in Huron Diocese.

General Registration and Permission Form
Parental Permission for Use of Image
General Incident/Accident Report Form

For more information, please contact:
Huron Church House

Congregational Coaching

Please go to for detailed information.


Cursillo is a movement within the Anglican Church in Canada.

Participants become involved by first attending a weekend residential program. A series of talks given by clergy and lay people, discussion in small groups, worship and music all contribute to guiding a participant to formulate their own ideal in their faith lives.

Participants are most often motivated to “follow Christ passionately,” meaning that they are fully engaged in a Christian lifestyle, willing to commit time and effort to the work of Christ. Spiritual discipline is encouraged. Honesty and integrity in interpersonal interaction is encouraged such that participants feel support in the learning and action they take in their faith lives.

Many embrace increased generosity and have a stronger sense of stewardship in their roles as church members and members of society in general. Often the ideals to which they aspire lead to increased awareness and involvement in social justice making and in developing their leadership skills.

For more on Niagara/Huron Cursillo visit: 

Doctrine and Worship

The Doctrine and Worship committee serves the Bishops and Diocese on matters relating to official church teaching (doctrine) and the liturgical life of the church. Often, our bishops bring forward items for consultation.

This committee makes regular offerings of constructive theology for the encouragement of the church, identifying pitfalls and stumbling blocks in our theological understanding and practice, and emphasizing the constitutive, gracious, liberating Word of the Gospel. Some articles in the Huron Church News, learning opportunities, and other avenues are being explored.

Co-chairs: Rev’d Canon Dr. Timothy Connor and Rev’d Canon Dr. Todd Townshend

For more information, please contact:

Rev’d Canon Dr. Todd Townshend
Canon Theologian; Diocese of Huron
Chairperson; Doctrine & Worship
Email: [email protected]

The Ven. Tanya Phibbs
Executive Archdeacon, Bishops’ Office


The Diocesan Organ Committee exists to advise and assist the Bishop, relevant Diocesan Committees and the clergy, wardens and musicians of parishes in the diocese who may be involved or concerned with the selecting or commissioning of a new organ or the moving, restoring or enlarging of an existing organ for a church in the Diocese of Huron.

The Diocesan Organ Committee is a sub-committee of the Diocesan Doctrine and Worship Committee.

The main concern of the Diocesan Organ Committee is to ensure that parishes select an adequate instrument for use in their parish, in accordance with the size of the building, the musical demands of the congregation, and the ability of the parish to raise funds for the project.

Pipe organs are the first preference and when that is not a possibility, high quality digital instruments, designed for church use, may be considered (such as Allen, Johannus, Phoenix and Rodgers, to name the major suppliers). The so-called “Spinet” models of home electrical instruments are very rarely likely to be appropriate for consideration for church use.

Care should be taken to ensure that any proposed instrument provides a regular “Stop list” suitable for customary church requirements. Theatrical additions of percussion, fast fade, rhythm basses, etc., are totally unsuitable for use in church services.

The Committee will not recommend a particular make or model, but will give informed guidance to the Bishop, diocesan and parish committees, and when a suitable model has been agreed upon, and financial plans for the purchase are provided, will assist in presenting the application to the Diocesan Council.
The Diocesan Council is the actual authorizing body in the matter in the Diocese of Huron and authorization must be obtained before contracts are entered into by a parish.


Contact with the Diocesan Organ Committee may be made through the Chairperson of the Diocesan Doctrine and Worship Committee.

Education for Ministry

Education for Ministry (EFM)… Education for the laity

Education for Ministry or EfM is a course of theological study and discussion, led by a mentor for small groups of laypeople. The study component consists of not just the Old and New Testaments, but also church history, and theology, ethics and interfaith issues.

Using all of this information and a person’s own background, you will take part in discussions of current events and culture, questions of faith and Scripture.  As you progress, you will see how all can be integrated into your daily life. You will begin to learn and understand how our faith forms and informs us on every level.   In the process you will learn how to talk about your faith with others.

EfM was begun in 1975 at the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee. It is now worldwide, and in many Canadian dioceses. EfM is used by both Anglican and Lutheran parishes but all denominations are welcome.  Anyone with an interest and an open mind is welcome. The groups can be formed from one parish or from multiple parishes. EfM is one of the ways of living the second Mark of Mission.

For more information on EfM around the world:  or or

Locally, for more information or to begin a group, contact:

Libi Clifford, EfM Diocesan Coordinator and/or the Rev’d Val Kenyon, EfM Animator at:  [email protected]

Education for Ministry Series – Huron Church News: 

Life-long Learning: Understanding Ourselves, March 2019

Participating in an EfM Group Could Be a Valuable Opportunity, February 2019

Theological Reflection: A Spirit of Inquiry, October 2018

EfM Participants Share: So What Keeps You Coming Back, April 2018

EfM Participants Reflect: A Journey of Exploration, March 2018

Education for Ministry from the Inside Out: Reflection of an EfM Mentor, February 2018

Education for Ministry Helps Us to Become a People of Mission, January 2018

LAIC/First Nation Parishes

Lenni Lenape Algonkian Iroquoian Council of the Diocese of Huron

The Lenni Lenape Algonkian Iroquoian Council consists of representatives of the six First Nation parishes in the Anglican Diocese of Huron.

The LAIC logo consists of traditional First Nation and Christian symbolism: an Eagle Feather (representing Truth, Power, Freedom, and Balance); a white Christian cross on a blue background; and at the four cardinal points, spots of the traditional colours representing the Four Directions.

At their meeting in April 2016, members of LAIC defined their ongoing Vision and Mission, particularly in the light of the Calls to Action and recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

​A renewed mission of LAIC in keeping with the principles of mutual respect, understanding, and collaboration, that enhances our relationships and enables us to grow more fully as collaborative and co-operative partners with the Anglican Church of Canada.

1. Keep the Gospel at the centre of the Circle.
2. Respect Indigenous spirituality, recognizing and accepting all expressions of spirituality, both Christian and Traditional.
​3. Support Indigenous communities in their determination of what is right for them.
4. Foster relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples and share the responsibility for maintaining those relationships.
5. Strive to safeguard the integrity of God’s creation; respect, sustain and renew the life of Mother Earth.
6. Develop ongoing education opportunities with parishes, schools, colleges, and the wider community.

TRC Resources

We hope that the following resources may help inform conversation, and contribute to the reconciliation of our Peoples.

National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation:

Calls to Action:

United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People:

Statement from the Canadian Anglican House of Bishops – October 2015:

Ecumenical Commitment to Call to Action #48 – March 2016:

Anglican Primate Fred Hiltz Statement – Let our “yes” be yes – March 2016:

Other LAIC-Huron Resources

 The Anglican Council of Indigenous Peoples
Indigenous Peoples of Canada who have chosen to be partners in the worldwide Anglican Communion and the universal church.

Anglican Indigenous Ministries

The Council of the North
The Council of the North is a grouping of nine northern dioceses, supported through grants by General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada.

The Anglican Healing Fund

The Anglican Indigenous Network
The Anglican Indigenous Network (AIN) is one of the Networks of the worldwide Anglican Communion committed to the Anglican tradition while affirming traditional spirituality.

The New England Company
A generous grant is provided by the New England Company to support the Vision and Mission of LAIC in the Diocese of Huron.
A mapping and information resource for North Americans interested in the history and locations of First Nation communities. Links to the websites of the individual nations.

For more information, visit the Lenni Lenape, Algonkian and Iroquoian Council website.



Wendake (Wen-DE-kay) is a Huron word which means “a place set apart”

What is Camp Wendake?

Camp Wendake was established in 1995 as an outreach project of the HIV/AIDS
committee of the Diocese of Huron. Its mission is to provide a safe, welcoming residential camping experience for persons living with HIV/AIDS, and those who care for them.

The Anglican Church provides ongoing support to Camp Wendake – most visibly through the use of the Huron Church Camp facilities. Every year, at the end of August, it becomes our place set apart.

Camp Wendake values…

  • the uniqueness of each individual;
  • freedom of choice in program participation;
  • good nutrition in a communal setting;
  • appreciation and protection of the environment;
  • self-directed health management (consistent with OCA health policies);
  • personal spiritual growth;
  • volunteerism of staff and campers;
  • the support of generous donations of time, talent and financial resources;
  • the legacy of Huron Church Camp and the Anglican Diocese of Huron

About the Camp

On average, 65 campers attend camp. They are of all ages, races, sexual orientations, and social backgrounds. This diverse group of campers is served by an equal number of volunteer staff and program personnel.

Every year, requests for camp exceed the spaces available, with many more applications than the Camp can possibly accommodate.
The cost to operate Camp Wendake over and above volunteer and in-kind contributions is approximately $25,000 to $30,000 annually.

How do we do it?

The work required to operate the camp is significant. Almost without exception, all of this work is done by volunteers, many of whom work year-round.

Every year, we host at least one major fundraiser, and are regular participants in the Walk for Life event. We receive donations from individuals, parishes, and some businesses.

The operations and vision of Camp Wendake are supported by the work of a Governance Committee. Also made up of volunteers, this group looks at ways to improve the experience of camp, and ensure its sustainability. They provide annual reports to the Diocese, and an Anglican Church liaison sits on the committee.

Getting involved…

The vision of Camp Wendake is inspiring – but it would never be realized without strong volunteers. If you think you have something to offer this remarkable ministry, please get in touch with us.

If you can’t donate your time, consider a financial contribution – they are always appreciated!

For more information, please visit our website:
Email: [email protected]

Get directions to Camp Wendake


Information on the Diocese of Huron Annual Golf Tournament is now available.

Please join us for the 11th Annual Diocese of Huron Golf Tournament on:

Saturday, September 7, 2019
Ironwood Golf and Country Club
Exeter, Ontario

All proceeds raised go to the Faith-In-Action Trust Fund for Outreach Ministry in Huron.

Golf Tournament Registration 2019

Registration fee of $140 includes:

  • 18 holes of golf with cart;
  • lunch;
  • dinner;
  • prizes & silent auction gifts;
  • and a $25 tax receipt

$40.00 Dinner only

For info on Sponsorship Opportunities contact:
Paul Rathbone
Phone: 519-434-6893 ext. 240

To register, contact:
Rev. Daniel Bowyer
Phone: 519-301-9873
Email: [email protected]

For more information, please contact:

Rev’d Daniel Bowyer
Tournament Registrar
Phone: 519-301-9873

Paul Rathbone
Tournament Sponsorship Co-ordinator
Phone: 519-434-6893 x240

PWRDF HURON (Formerly known as the HURON HUNGER FUND)

hunger fund

The PWRDF HURON Committee is given the responsibility in the Diocese of Huron to raise awareness, to provide education and to raise funds for the ongoing work of the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF).

PWRDF is the ministry of Canadian Anglicans engaging in development work, responding to emergencies, protecting refugees and educating and advocating for change.

“Inspired by the vision
of a spirit-filled community of hope,
PWRDF walks together with partners
in Canada and overseas
to share in the creation
of a more just and peaceful world”.

Through individual donations, the annual Bishop’s Fall Appeal, a Huron Hunger Fund Sunday in May and the generosity and energy of artists such as the Three Cantors and Angus Sinclair, Rachel Snow and Marque Smith, the Diocese of Huron has been a leader in the Canadian Church in contributing to this work.


Development work is carried out by partners in four world regions: Africa, Asia & the Pacific, Latin America & the Caribbean, and Canadian Indigenous communities. For stories, parish resources, and a complete account of the philosophy and values of PWRDF please visit

Of the funds raised by PWRDF HHURON (Huron Hunger Fund), 25% is set aside for emergency relief. In the event of an emergency PWRDF will also forward 100% of all designated donations directly to the affected area through Action of Churches Together (ACT). Countries recently receiving emergency funds:

  • Burma
  • China
  • D.R.Congo
  • Philippines
  • West Sumatra
  • Haiti
  • El Salvador
  • Sri Lanka
  • Pakistan
  • Gaza

YOUTH INITIATITVE is the PWRDF youth initiative. Here you will find news of events and opportunities for involvement, profiles of PWRDF youth partners, new resources and ideas for action, current work of the PWRDF Youth Council and links to the Looking Glass podcast.

If you wish to contribute to the HHF/PWRDF, please send your donations to:
Huron Hunger Fund

Anglican Diocese of Huron
190 Queens Ave.
London, ON. N6A 6H7

Or mail your donation directly to:

80 Hayden St.
Toronto, ON. M4Y 3G2
Tax receipts will be forwarded.

Donations may also be made to PWRDF through
(Neither PWRDF nor the HHF solicits funds by phone or door to door collections)


For more information, please contact:
The Rev’d Canon Greg Smith

Social and Ecological Justice


We have prepared resources for use by parishes across the Diocese and beyond in support of the Season of Creation.

These include:

Lectionary notes for preachers that identify potential creation themes in the Revised Common Lectionary readings.

Resources to support at home worship for those who are unable to attend in person at this time.

A Season of Creation study program which can be used individually, through video conferencing and/or as an in person, small group experience.

And a list of practical actions that can be done by individuals and communities.

It is our hope to also provide a diocesan service celebrating the Feast of St. Francis for Oct. 4th and links to online Season of Creation – based worship services throughout the season to support clergy as we are challenged to provide a hybrid experience of worship.


Social and Ecological Justice Huron would like to offer some resources for ministry during this time.  Here are 2 foci to help engage individuals and congregations:

1) To further support the Bishops in advocating for a universal guaranteed basic income we offer a letter (PDF) (WORD) which individuals can send to their MPs.  We encourage communicating with MPPs and local councillors as well as these issues span the spectrum.

2) Recognizing that many continue to struggle with food insecurity, we are inviting individuals and congregations to consider providing seedlings and container gardens to those who use food banks.  Information on what this might look like is included in the attachment (OPEN HERE).  Worship for Easter 6 includes a focus on gardening and an invitation to this task.  The link for this short service of the word is included HERE.

Tips for Moving Away from Single Use Plastics:
At Diocesan Synod in May 2019, a motion was passed challenging all parishes to reduce the purchase of products with single use plastics including rigid foam and to end such purchases by the beginning of 2023. Social & Ecological Justice Huron offers a few tips for moving away from singe use plastics. Click here to download 

Honouring the motion to Huron Synod 2018 on water:
Social & Ecological Justice Huron offers a few ideas on how you and your parish might continue education regarding Indigenous and Biblical teachings of how to respect and look after Mother Earth, through our place ‘in and with’ not ‘over’ Creation. Click here to download

Social Justice 2018 Lenten Calendar

SOCIAL JUSTICE COMMITTEE – The Voice of Social Justice Huron

  • Promotes awareness about injustices and human needs in our local, national and global communities;;
  • Builds capacity for advocacy and action at diocesan, deanery and parish levels through education.;
  • Builds a network of people of the Diocese engaged in social justice work to collaborate for advocacy and action.;
  • Encourages and supports new social justice ministries at diocesan, deanery and parish levels.;
  • Builds partnerships locally and nationally within the Anglican Church and with other churches, faith groups and organizations working for social justice, peace, and human rights;
  • Gathers, shares and celebrates information, stories and experiences of social justice ministry being done by deaneries and parishes;
  • Links with other committees of the Diocese whose work is related to social justice and outreach;
  • Provides information and recommendations to the Bishops, Council and Synod about social justice issues for Diocesan policy-making and advocacy


Social Justice Huron is a voice speaking with others, to educate, empower and bring about change in ourselves, our church, our society and our world.


Praying Voices – to develop an authentic spirituality for social justice

Striving to authentically live what we teach by connecting in new ways to God’s call to love our neighbours. We gather and share people’s stories encouraging greater understanding and empathy, Bible studies focus on social justice messages and liturgical resources that celebrate and inspire.

Singing Voices – to communicate successful social justice ministry within our diocese

Social justice ministries currently are being done throughout Huron Diocese. We lift up these ministries, gathering and disseminating stories and statistics about them to inform, challenge and inspire each other.

Partnered Voices – to build partnerships for effective social justice work

We are not alone. God has given us the gift of each other. Collaboration gives strength and increases the impact of our work. We identify and connect with potential partners and provide information about partners and tools for developing partnerships.

Empowering Voices – to provide tools to promote awareness of social justice ministry

Our vision deliberately includes engaging our society and our world. We communicate who we are and why we are doing what we choose to do. We provide resources that include ways to communicate our actions and purposes to the wider community.


These links are provided for information only. Social Justice Huron does not necessarily endorse their views or policies.

For more information, please contact:

The Rev’d Chris Brouillard-Coyle
Co-Coordinator, Social Justice Huron
Email: [email protected]

The Rev’d Margaret Walker
Co-Coordinator, Social Justice Huron
Email: [email protected]

The Rev’d Tom Patterson
Co-Coordinator, Social Justice Huron
Email: [email protected]