We have prepared resources for use by parishes across the Diocese and beyond in support of the Season of Creation.

These include:

Lectionary notes for preachers that identify potential creation themes in the Revised Common Lectionary readings.

Resources to support at home worship for those who are unable to attend in person at this time.

A Season of Creation study program which can be used individually, through video conferencing and/or as an in person, small group experience.

And a list of practical actions that can be done by individuals and communities.

It is our hope to also provide a diocesan service celebrating the Feast of St. Francis for Oct. 4th and links to online Season of Creation – based worship services throughout the season to support clergy as we are challenged to provide a hybrid experience of worship.



Social and Ecological Justice Huron would like to offer some resources for ministry during this time.  Here are 2 foci to help engage individuals and congregations:

1) To further support the Bishops in advocating for a universal guaranteed basic income we offer a letter (PDF) (WORD) which individuals can send to their MPs.  We encourage communicating with MPPs and local councillors as well as these issues span the spectrum.

2) Recognizing that many continue to struggle with food insecurity, we are inviting individuals and congregations to consider providing seedlings and container gardens to those who use food banks.  Information on what this might look like is included in the attachment (OPEN HERE).  Worship for Easter 6 includes a focus on gardening and an invitation to this task.  The link for this short service of the word is included HERE.


Tips for Moving Away from Single Use Plastics:
At Diocesan Synod in May 2019, a motion was passed challenging all parishes to reduce the purchase of products with single use plastics including rigid foam and to end such purchases by the beginning of 2023. Social & Ecological Justice Huron offers a few tips for moving away from singe use plastics. Click here to download 

Honouring the motion to Huron Synod 2018 on water:
Social & Ecological Justice Huron offers a few ideas on how you and your parish might continue education regarding Indigenous and Biblical teachings of how to respect and look after Mother Earth, through our place ‘in and with’ not ‘over’ Creation. Click here to download


Social Justice Huron is a voice speaking with others, to educate, empower and bring about change in ourselves, our church, our society and our world.


Praying Voices – to develop an authentic spirituality for social justice

Striving to authentically live what we teach by connecting in new ways to God’s call to love our neighbours. We gather and share people’s stories encouraging greater understanding and empathy, Bible studies focus on social justice messages and liturgical resources that celebrate and inspire.

Singing Voices – to communicate successful social justice ministry within our diocese

Social justice ministries currently are being done throughout Huron Diocese. We lift up these ministries, gathering and disseminating stories and statistics about them to inform, challenge and inspire each other.

Partnered Voices – to build partnerships for effective social justice work

We are not alone. God has given us the gift of each other. Collaboration gives strength and increases the impact of our work. We identify and connect with potential partners and provide information about partners and tools for developing partnerships.

Empowering Voices – to provide tools to promote awareness of social justice ministry

Our vision deliberately includes engaging our society and our world. We communicate who we are and why we are doing what we choose to do. We provide resources that include ways to communicate our actions and purposes to the wider community.


These links are provided for information only. Social Justice Huron does not necessarily endorse their views or policies.

For more information, please contact:

The Rev’d Chris Brouillard-Coyle
Co-Coordinator, Social Justice Huron

Nancy Harvey
Co-Coordinator, Social Justice Huron

Caroline Sharp
Co-Coordinator, Social Justice Huron