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GIVING A VOICE TO OUR YOUTH event held on January 13 at St. Mark's. Photo below: Nolan and Callan Chrisley playing with the "Converstaion Ball".

Do you support the children and youth in your parish on Sundays or during the week? Would you like to support the children and youth in your parish and to learn what is happening in other parishes that may be useful in your parish?

Since May of 2023, many of those working with children and youth in the Deanery of London have been meeting regularly to consider what is possible when we work collaboratively.

At our meetings (both online and in person) we have moments for prayer and reflection as well as opportunities to share trials and triumphs in our own parishes and resources that we have found helpful that are perhaps unknown to others.

We have considered together the spiritual formation needs of our children and how to develop more skills in working with children of different ages. We have developed a Facebook page to share resources and announcements.

We are hoping to take on seasonal projects to make resources available to parishes throughout the deanery of London, particularly where there are only small numbers of children who attend on Sundays. We have spent a lot of time wondering together.

For some of our projects we have requested and received funding from the London Deanery, for others we have simply opened a parish event up to all the deanery, inviting others to join in.

- Faith & Film Events sponsored by the deanery hosted by Holy Trinity Lucan

- Funds made available to Camp Huron to support our children’s participation

- Giving a Voice to Our Youth sponsored by the deanery hosted by St. Mark’s

There is always a great deal of energy at these meetings as it is such a blessing to realize we are not alone in our efforts to work in children and youth ministries. We are very much at the beginning of this collaboration with lots of room for more ideas and participation! 

If you would like more information about this or to join in our next scheduled meeting in May, please reach out to Val Kenyon, London Deanery Regional Dean at

Rev. Canon Val Kenyon