Mostly About Religion  

The title honours long time London Free Press sports writer Harry Eisen. He wrote a column called Mostly About Horses that was must read for the teenage version of me.  Eisen jumped from world class horses setting records, to one horse stables and everything in between. 

That variety of subject, that opportunity to tell stories from every angle possible is what I have always tried to do.  From serious, to tongue in cheek, to silly, to emotional; I want each months story to be a journey for ever reader.  I hope that I can make you think, touch into your own story and emotions, to find new ways of understanding God's beautiful, yet complicated, world.  


15 years in broadcasting and now 25 years in ministry. It seems my whole life has been about communication.  We communicate by telling stories and I like to think I'm a reasonably good story teller. 

I fear that we have fallen victim to the belief that more technology, more toys, can make us better communicators.  Only the ability to tell our story and be understood by those who hear it, will result in successful communication. If we can't tell the story, no number of gadgets can make it right. 

Telling stories isn't easy. It takes practice, it takes discipline, it takes a deep understanding of yourself and just as deep an understanding of life.  For me, there is no feeling like writing or telling a story and knowing that it has made a difference in another's understanding.