Field Notes

Mother Allie McDougall comes to the Anglican priesthood with fresh eyes, having spent the first 20 years of her life in conservative evangelical churches and institutions. After a brief stint discerning ministry within a Pentecostal denomination, Mother Allie joined an Anglican church plant in downtown Ottawa in 2015 and fell deeply in love with the tradition, especially the enduring wisdom and spirituality of the Book of Common Prayer.

She attained an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Human Relations & Spirituality from St. Paul University in 2018 and a Master of Divinity from Huron College in 2022. Allie is married to Davis and is the mum of a young toddler. She is currently ministering as the Assistant Curate to the parishes of Perth, with primary responsibility for St. Paul's and St. Stephen's Stratford.

Mother Allie brings a unique perspective coming from a branch of the church that prioritizes evangelism and youth culture, which she has married with Anglican theological priorities, a keen sense of justice, and an eye toward media and cultural trends.

Her column, Field Notes, seeks to make sense of popular culture in contemporary society through theological lenses so that churches may be more impactful in outreach and evangelism. Knowing what the secular world values and creates meaning through can only benefit our ability to be effective ministers for the Gospel in a changing and sometimes alien world.