What materials do I need to take with me to Synod?

  • The minimal information you will require at Synod is: Registration Form (previously mailed) - Section 3 - Motions - Agenda

Where do I find the Registration Form for Synod?

  • Registration forms will be mailed out to all Synod Delegates.  If you did not receive one, you should contact Meg at Church House @ 519-434-6893, or toll free 800-919-1115 ext. 221

This is my first Synod.  Is there any information that will help me understand the process?

  • Yes. From this site you can get a copy of So You’re Coming to Synod (update file)

I would like to go online to download the necessary documents.  How do I do this?

  • Contact Sarah Chase for complete information on how to download the Convening Circular

Do I have to download all of the documents in each section?

  • No.  You can view, print, and/or save whichever documents you wish.  You have 2 choices to do this; each page has been scanned separately and can be viewed this way, or you can download the entire section.

How do I make a motion at Synod?

  • Please see Section 0-4 to 0-6 of the Convening Circular. 

For more information, please contact: Sarah Chase Synod Coordinator.