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A Prayer for Our Synod Gathering 2021 

God our help and our strength, we gather in these unusual times as a synod family and are reminded of your great love of your people and for your Church. Help us to be diligent in our seeking, and faithful and courageous in our following of the paths you are opening before us. Help us to not only discern the leading of your Spirit, but to give space in our lives for your grace to do its work in and through us in all things. We ask this in the name of your Son, our hope and our vision. Amen. 


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I give thanks for the life of my husband, Mike, a life ended far too soon. I ask for prayers for myself, J, as I await the results of a biopsy. I give thanks for the time that Fathers Shaun+ and Rishi+ were with our parish and pray that God's Peace is upon them. 

Pray for the people of St John the Evangelist that this proves a time of renewal and reaffirmation. 

For my family as we enter our second year without our dear, patient, loving patriarch who taught us all how to be Christian through his words and deeds. We're grateful for your time with us but we miss you every day grandpa... and we know that "every little thing is gonna be alright".

For the life and ministry of Canon Sue Paulton 

Thanksgiving for good health for all the beautiful people in my family during Covid-19.  

Thanksgiving for recovery after surgery.

My prayer request is for J. to find happiness with a significant other life partner. 

Please ensure a positive outcome for Synod. 

For the life and ministry of Canon Sue Paulton 

Margaret D - for peace, acceptance and freedom from pain.

Gwen - for healing. 

That the right job will come along!

Lord, have mercy on us all as we continue to discern how you best want us to serve you, both at Synod and in our day to day lives. 

Please pray for my husband, Tom B, who is critically ill, from a brain tumour and a stroke. We are praying that he will regain the ability to move his body and to speak, and that God will give him the strength to breathe strong and to fight infection. We are thankful that he is still with us and that we can see him every day.  

Please pray for Veronica, that her faith will remain strong as she deals with her Dad's illness, and that she will begin to be in touch with her friends again soon, and feel their love and support.  

Please pray for Willem and his family during their difficult time.

Please pray for good health for Nina and Earle

Thanksgiving for safety and health of my friends and family and myself during Covid
My prayer is to comfort the peoples of the world in their struggles, to guide and provide wisdom to the researchers and health care professionals, to protect and keep safe all essential workers, to provide peace of mind to all. 
Let us pray for the prisoners, those held against their will; those illegally detained; those who've been forgotten; remembering Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor who remain in prison in China. 
Let us pray for the nurses and doctors and all front line workers including all those who are administering the covid vaccine that they might be strengthened and uplifted by the love and care that we share with them. 
Healing for Jeannie R 
Lord, strengthen those suffering due to isolation. Give them the strength to persevere until once again they can be supported by friends and family.
Our dear friend Ben passed away peacefully last Saturday. May he feel the warmth of God's love. 
A special healing prayer to all those fighting cancer at this time.  
Could I please request prayers for healing for my husband, Jim who is recovering from three surgeries in the last 20 months - the latest one 5 weeks ago. Thanks - Rev. Vermell   
May the Spirit seep into our lives and enliven us during the synod time to be open to following new ways to be followers of Jesus the Christ.
May the Spirit seep into our lives and enliven us during the synod time to be open to following new ways to be followers of Jesus the Christ.
A Prayer for New Vision 
Opening Synod Service 2021
Bishop Todd
Almighty God give us a new vision of you, of your love, of your grace and power; and then, give us a new vision of what you would have us do as your church in this Diocese. Help us to be faithful to the leading of your Holy Spirit and in the midst of change to be always confident in your abiding presence with us and the abundance of grace available to us. We ask this through our Saviour Jesus Christ, and in the power of the Holy Spirit Amen.
For Colombia in these moments of despair, anguish, and violence that its people are experiencing. 
I pray for Janet as she awaits the results of medical tests.
 I pray for the people of St. James’, Stratford as we move forward with the Spirit.  
For our companions gathered with our bishop these days, may the Ruah, who breathes the breath of life, illumine all your hearts and minds!  
I pray for healing and peace wherever there is war, pain, suffering, despair, loneliness. Lord, may your love touch all who suffer especially those who have no one to pray for them. 
Prayer request for Steve 
Thanksgiving for family