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We came to Canada in 2014 when we were three years old. We lived in a small town called Red Lake for two and half years and moved to the United States of America with our dad as he attended school.

After my dad finished his schooling, we moved back to Canada, and we were welcomed by the former All Saints Anglican Church London. They showed us what it means to love as Jesus Christ loved us.

We originally planned to get confirmed at All Saints Anglican Church, London, but it was sadly closed, and we moved to St. Mark's Anglican Church. We were excited to learn from Rev. Andra O’Neill about the upcoming confirmation and she helped prepare us for the event.

We were confirmed on Easter Vigil, April 15, 2022, at St. Paul’s Cathedral by Bishop Todd Townshend. We loved seeing many people attend the service, and we got to celebrate The Holy Communion for the very first time. The experience will live with us forever - eating Jesus’ Body that was broken for our sins and His Blood that cleanses us from our sin.

We would like to thank Bishop Todd, St. Paul’s Cathedral administration, our sponsors: Rev. Andra O’Neill, Grandpa Lorenz Kowalkovski, and Grandma Mary-Leigh Adams; We would also like to thank Grandmas: Yvonne Hulbert and Marlene Dale for giving us company and everyone who prayed for us. We look forward to walking this journey of salvation with Jesus’ help, modeling our lifestyle according to His teachings.

Sheilah and Sheeba Arinaitwe