Please note that the policy of the Anglican Church in Canada forbids the duplication of Parish Records for circulation or for profit. Access to certain records may be restricted, subject to the permission of the Bishop. All research has an associated fee; please consult the Fee Schedule section for more information.

Personal Records

Patrons requiring a copy of a baptism, confirmation, marriage, or burial record are asked to fill out this form or contact the Archives by phone or email.

Please note that copies of the original certificate are not retained by the Archives and photocopying of the Parish Registers is not permitted. Patrons will receive an extract of the requested information. This document may be used as a replacement for the original certificate in most instances.

Requests made by the person to whom the record pertains are able to be fulfilled immediately. Immediate family members may request an extract on behalf of children and/or individuals who are incapacitated or unable to make the request themselves with authorization from the subject or a legal representative. Family members may be asked for proof of relationship to the subject. 

Patron Research

Patrons are welcome to visit the Archives to conduct research concerning genealogy, local history, church history, and any other topic of interest. Appointments are strongly encouraged to ensure that staff is available to assist you. When contacting the Archives, please be as specific as possible when outlining your area of research. This will make it easier for staff to assist you with identifying records that may be of interest to you. Please note that all visitors will be required to fill out a registration form upon arrival indicating the topic of research and agreeing to the Conditions of Research. There is a daily research fee of $15 or an annual membership that costs $30. 

Photocopies and scans are permitted for certain materials for personal use for a fee (please see Fee Schedule for more information). Digital photos of certain materials may be taken without flash with the permission of the Archivist. The use of personal scanners is not permitted.

Research Conducted by the Archivist

Individuals who are unable to visit the Archives or would otherwise prefer for the Archivist to conduct research on their behalf are asked to contact us directly by phone or email. Research conducted by the Archivist costs $25 per hour.