Canon 1 Election of a Bishop
Canon 2 Election of a Coadjutor Bishop or a Suffragan Bishop
Canon 3 Appointment of Dignitaries and Other Officers and their Duties
Canon 4 Candidates for Ordination
Canon 5 Candidates for Orders who have been Ordained in Another Denomination
Canon 6 Clergy Licenses, Permits, Leaves of Absence and Letters Dimissory
Canon 7 Permission to Officiate
Canon 8 Licensing of Lay Leaders
Canon 9 Clerical Appointments and Vacation
Canon 10 Retirement of Bishops, Clergy and Lay Employees of Diocese
Canon 11 Notice to be Given on Leaving a Parish
Canon 12 Partnership, Realignment, Reorganization, Disestablishment and Administration of the Parishes/Congregations of the Diocese
Canon 13 Rectories
Canon 14 Title to Real Property, Acquisition, Sale, Financing, Maintenance and Repair of Church Buildings
Canon 15 Investment of Trust Funds
Canon 16 Parish Records and Their Custody
Canon 17 Authorized Service Books and Scriptural Translations
Canon 18 Vestries and Churchwardens
Canon 19 Parish Councils
Canon 20 Differences Between Clerics and Their Parishes/Congregations
Canon 21 Discipline
Canon 22 Financial Appeals
Canon 23 Episcopal and Archdeacon’s Fund and the Sick Benefit Fund
Canon 24 Diocesan Mission Grants
Canon 25 Ordination Outfit Grants
Canon 26 Elections of Members to General and Provincial Synods and of Standing Committees of Synod
Canon 27 Bishop’s Fund for Professional Assistance of Clerics
Canon 28 The Diocesan Budget and Its Apportionment
Canon 29 Administration and Finance Committee
Canon 30 Archdeaconries and Regional Deaneries
Canon 31 Deanery Council
Canon 32 Revolving Loan Fund
Canon 33 Diocese of Huron Pension Plan
Canon 34 Retiring Gratuity and Group Life Insurance
Canon 35 Insurance
Canon 36 Other Committees
Canon 37 Archives and Archives Committee
Canon 38 Indemnification
Canon 39 Human Resources Committee
Canon 40 Screening in Faith
Canon 41 Cemeteries
Canon 42 Huron Development Fund
Canon 43 Chapels of Ease, Cemetery Chapels and Summer Churches
Canon 44 Litigation
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