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Homeless Jesus, also known as Jesus the Homeless (Jésus le sans-abri), is a bronze sculpture by Timothy Schmalz, a Canadian sculptor.

Schmalz was inspired to create the statue after seeing a homeless person sleeping on a park bench in Toronto in 2012. He offered the first cast to St. Michael's Cathedral in Toronto and St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York, but both churches declined.

The Archdiocese of Toronto offered alternative locations at St. Augustine's Seminary in Scarborough, but it was rejected by Schmalz, who desired a location that would provide the sculpture with a wider public reach. Regis College, a Jesuit school of theology federated with the University of Toronto, acquired the first cast in 2013 and installed it outside its main entrance.

By Rev. Kimberly Myer

A small replica of a sculpture by Timothy P. Schmalz entitled Homeless Jesus sits in my office as a reminder that many live on the streets in our communities and many people are hungry due to rising costs. 

It is difficult to purchase homes, rent an apartment, and purchase groceries for so many.

I would like to invite you to meditate upon the following verse during Lent:

"When did I see you hungry, Lord?" 

Rev. Kimberly Myer is the rector of St. John the Evangelist Church, Leamington and AFP Diocesan Representative of Huron.

"Lord Jesus, we know that you call us to do the work you began.  To be your hands and feet and somehow find a way to use our talents, treasures, time and voices to break this bottleneck of homelessness and those going hungry in our towns and cities. 

Please show us how to put our faith into action, to get the necessary work done.

Show us how we can help get our siblings off the street and into safe dwellings.

Guide us to spend time in prayer, and be open to looking outside the box that we may find a way to help solve this major problem.

Be with us, Holy Spirit, and  show us the way we should go. Together, with Your help, Lord Jesus we can move mountains. Amen."