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LONDON, NOV. 2, 2020 - The Diocese of Huron issued a statement after the fire devasted St. Andrew's Church, Muncey on early Sunday morning, November 1.

"The people and their needs come first after a devastating fire that destroyed St. Andrew’s Anglican Church, Muncey early Sunday morning.

The entire Huron family stands by St. Andrew’s parishioners and will support them in their efforts to continue their journey as a church even after the loss of their building. We are grateful that they will have the on-going compassion and care of their long-time priest, the Reverend Canon Gaye Whippey in this time of grief.
The Diocese is aware that another church building on Muncey road, belonging to the United Church, was burned down just several hours earlier. We caution against any premature conclusions regarding the cause of these fires and speculations about their possible connection, and we call for a fact based and responsible reporting about the incidents."

A fire, deemed as suspicious by the OPP, engulfed a church in the Diocese of Huron on November 1, 2020.
The fire at St. Andrew's Anglican Church, Muncey, started around 6 am on Sunday morning, November 1. It is reported that another church building, belonging to the United Church, not far away from St. Andrew's, was also burned down just a few hours earlier. Nobody was hurt in either fire.