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With the proceeds of his concert Rev. Matt (in white) and Holy Trinity Lucan parishioners help pay for parking for those undergoing cancer treatment at the London Regional Cancer Program.

By Amanda Jackman

Cancer is downright scary. From diagnosis to treatment it can be a very stressful time for individuals and their loved ones. In hopes of helping people through a difficult time – Holy Trinity Parish Lucan stepped up.

At a recent council meeting the idea was brought forward to pay for parking for those who are undergoing cancer treatment, and the idea was supported fully. In fact, Rev. Matthew Martin dedicated the proceeds of his most recent concert to the cause. “It was an incredible response,” said Martin. “Not only were we able to use the proceeds from the sold out concert but people also donated that day after they heard what we were doing.”

The raised funds paid for the parking for over 170 people at the London Regional Cancer Program at London Health Sciences Centre. “Parking can get expensive,” stated Martin. “Especially when you have to make return visits, and many of the patients do.”

The expression of those who walked toward the big blue machine to pay for parking shifted from confusion to appreciation. “People’s faces lit up! It was such a joy to help take even the smallest burden from them,” said Martin. “People shook our hands, hugged us, some told us their story, and some even donated back.”

Often telling his parishioners they are the hands and feet of Christ, Martin felt this was a prime example of love and compassion at work. “I’m so proud of my parish for bringing this to the table, and so grateful for the community who helped support it.”

“The parish is extremely proud of Rev. Matt too,” stated Shelley Reynolds, church Warden (pictured centre). Matt donated his time and talent to the cause. Without him this wouldn’t have been possible.”