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By Amanda Jackman

Following a three-year stint in Cambridge, ON, serving both St. Thomas the Apostle and St. Luke’s, Pastor Steve has joined the ranks at Holy Trinity Anglican Parish, and the congregation couldn’t be more pleased.

Graduating with a Master of Divinity in 2016, Pastor Steve has served in Exeter, Grand Bend and Port Franks and has deep appreciation for small and rural towns. Pastor Steve brings with him an unparalleled enthusiasm and excitement to serve the quaint town, just north of London.

Uprooting his large family and moving to London, Pastor Steve will continue to support the congregation’s ongoing outreach projects and plans to start up some new ones.

“It’s a wonderful new beginning. There is much to look forward to,” says the outgoing priest.

Immediately recognizing his uplifting demeanour, enthusiasm and talent, the selection committee gave Pastor Steve the “Greene” light and welcomed him to Lucan.

Pastor Steve brings with him a beautiful menagerie of family. For Steve and partner Tracy, family is a ministry and their adopted and fostered children are a lovely reminder of how families are built on love, not blood.

Pastor Steve’s theology is one of belonging:

“If we’re to be Christ-followers, we’re called to be in community with God, with our siblings in Christ and with the world. We are called to and to live out the values of a faithful and fruitful community. Believing and belonging are hand and glove to me.”

Noting that sometimes humankind focuses on toxic and exploitative division, belonging and community are more important than ever.

“God wants everyone to be a part of his family. Gender, race, ethnicity, language, sexual orientation, none of it matters. He sees everyone as a child of God, and all are welcome.”

When asked about his passions, the easy-going priest proclaims, “Jesus and football, hallelujah!”. He notes how the two have strange common threads, including raising each other up, listening, and supporting one another.

“That’s really it, isn’t it? We all want to feel like we belong somewhere in this great big, complex world, and all we need to do is support each other in that journey.”

Amanda Jackman is Holy Trinity, Lucan volunteer communication coordinator. 

Photo: Pastor Steve Greene and his family help collect back-to-school donations from the Lucan community at Holy Trinity Parish.