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From left to right: Cathy Burghardt-Jesson, Mark Chortos, Jacob Shaw, Gail Lewis, Don Hiscox, Leigh Robinson and Friedhelm Hoffman 

By Rev. Steve Greene

On a cool Wednesday winter evening (Nov 30), as the Christmas lights glimmered in the streets, sixty-three nativity creches adorned the beautiful space of Holy Trinity.

People came in from the cold to see the incredible variety, sizes and geographical origins of the multiple stables.

As the clock slowly approached 7pm, six critical voices and influential contributors of the Lucan-Biddulph community were asked to sit at the steps of the Chancel and prepare themselves for some “fun and laughter!”. Each person was selected due to their phenomenal leadership, servant hearts, their desire for crucial partnerships and community impact.

The clock stroke “7pm” and I was honoured and blessed to introduce:  

Cathy Burghardt-Jesson: Mayor of Lucan-Biddulph
Don Hiscox: Pastor of Ministries at Community Bible Church
Leigh Robinson: Supervisor at the Lucan Library  
Jacob Shaw: United Minister at Granton (Villages United)
Gail Lewis: Poppy Campaign Chairperson Royal Canadian Legion Branch 540
Mark Chortos: Principal at St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Elementary School

To start the evening activities, I asked, “What does Christmas mean to you?” I ask you the reader to pause for a moment and answer that question.

Amidst the hustle and bustle, the frantic plunge into the deep waters of Cost-Co, Wal-Mart and the many retail stores…what does Christmas mean to you? What did Christmas mean to you in 2022?

As the night progressed, we were so blessed to hear the reasons of the importance of Christmas from the panelists. We were humbled to hear the meals that will be prepared, the excitement of gathering with loved ones, blessed with food on one’s table, fellowship and love around the table and a deep and abiding appreciation, a real thanksgiving for each other!

The night was divided into two parts-the first part, questions for the panelists (i.e., 1) Do you think there is a difference between Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays? Why or why not? 2) Does Christmas present values beyond our Christian beliefs? 3) Who are you in Luke 2:8-20 and Matt 2:1-13? The shepherds? The angels? Herod?).

The second section was our “Rapid Fire”! To give you a glimpse into the frenzy and fun, how would you answer the following:

1. Egg nogg or hot apple cider
2. Top of your tree: angel or star
3. Plum pudding or Fruit cake

The night was amazing! It was an opportunity to connect with the great contributors of the area and to have fun with those who graciously attended the event.

Many thanks to those people who attended. Many thanks to the phenomenal panelists. Many thanks to our Wardens, Heather and Karen for their leadership. A huge thank you to the incredible and hard-working team (Friedhelm, Ruth, Terri, Jean) that organized the Nativity Scene Exhibit and the panel night.

HINT…HINT…We may have an Easter event!

Rev. Steve Greene is the pastor of Holy Trinity (Lucan)