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Rev. Canon Kevin George and his wife Catherinanne are about to join the St. Paul’s community. Kevin's first day in the parish will be January 15, 2024.

St. Paul's is set to welcome a new Dean!

On October 8, Bishop Todd Townshend announced the appointment of the Rev. Canon Dr. Kevin George as the sixteenth Dean and Rector of St Paul’s parish. His appointment date is January 1, 2024, with his first day in the parish being January 15.

Kevin was ordained deacon in 1997, and priest in 1998 in the Diocese of Eastern Newfoundland & Labrador. He served as Curate in the Parish of Labrador West before moving to the Diocese of Huron in late 1998.

Kevin was Rector of St. Mark’s by-the-Lake in Tecumseh from 1998 to 2012. Most recently, Kevin served alongside the people of St. Aidan’s Church in Northwest London since 2012.

New Dean's appointment comes as at St. Paul’s they make ready to explore new relationships in the downtown core. In the eleven years Kevin has been in London, he has built strong connections within the Interfaith community, the business sector, the non-profit and social services sector as well as with the City of London, our local MPs and MPPs.

“I look forward to further developing relationships and networks in our city to advance the work of church. We are followers in the Way of Jesus,” he says, “St. Paul’s is well situated to explore how we can best disciple in that Way in the very heart of the City of London. The needs in the neighbour are extraordinary. So are the opportunities.”

At St. Paul’s they are excited for Kevin to get started because of the work he has been doing in the London Community now for over a decade.

Churchwarden Gord Rolleston has been busy getting the Dean’s office ready with fresh paint. Between brush strokes, he says, “Kevin has a great energy level and his enthusiasm will rub off on others. His knowledge and local connections will be a benefit to the Cathedral's operations and goals.”

Canon George is eager to learn more about the services that the Cathedral currently provides to those on the margins.

“Jesus said, ‘Truly I tell you, just as you did it to one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did it to me", reflects Canon George and adds: “The future of St. Paul’s hinges on our willingness to take the words of Jesus seriously”. 

“Now is the time for us to ask what services we offer, what we ought to be offering, and how we, with God’s help, we can bridge the difference”, says the incoming Dean. 

The Rev. Steve Johnson, President of the Board of St. Paul’s Social Services (SPSS)welcomes the news of this appointment.

“I look forward to working with Kevin at SPSS. His energy and outward community-oriented approach to ministry will be a great source of encouragement to help us maintain and grow SPSS’s good name and reputation not just with the Anglican community but much wider. I am hopeful that Kevin will bring a vibrant passion to engage deeper with the other denominations as well as with other faith groups as well. Hunger is a human issue first.”

Getting to know the neighbourhood as well as the current membership of the Cathedral is top of mind for Kevin as he prepares for his move in the new year.

“After meeting with the Selection Committee and studying the parish profile, it has become very clear to me that the membership of our Cathedral cares deeply − they want better for their church, their community, and the neighbourhood. I am excited to get to know these servants and explore how we might serve together.”

Kevin is also keen to get to know the whole of the downtown community.

“It will be important for me early on to meet with all who call downtown home. Everyone in the downtown is a parishioner. That includes those who live in the high-rises as well as those who live in tents,”  says the incoming Dean. 

Also high on his agenda is gathering the Cathedral Chapter of Canons. There are twenty active canons in the Diocese of Huron. Having been appointed Canon himself over a decade ago, Kevin  wants to discern a more active role for these diocesan leaders.

“We have some incredibly good leaders in this diocese. Those priests that the bishops have appointed canons over the years, all have gifts that the Cathedral (of which they are canons) should elevate and support. We can do more collectively to tend to the work of following in the Way of Jesus,” he says.

“I will be bringing them together early in the new year to discern and explore opportunities for mutual ministry.”