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By Rev. Paul Sherwood

Instead of their usual Lenten food drive this year, the parishioners of Trinity Church in Simcoe were challenged to buy a farm to help people around the world through the PWRDF World of Gifts scheme.

The basic goal was to raise $570 so that they could purchase one farm. This would provide goats, a donkey, chickens, grain seeds and an electric pump to assist people in Malawi, Kenya, Colombia, Cuba & Zimbabwe. The extra mile goal was to double this to $1,140 in order to purchase two farms.

Well, the generous parishioners stepped up to the challenge and surpassed their rector's expectations. Not only did they go the extra mile they went an extra league and raised $2,505!

Writing in the parish newspaper, the Rev. Paul Sherwood said: "What awesome people you are! I can’t begin to tell you how it warms my heart to know how generous and kind you are in caring about our brothers and sisters around the world that are in need. During these strange and uncertain times; you still consider the needs of others. This is what loving our neighbours is all about! Thank you so much for responding so generously and positively."   

The Churchwardens agreed to use some of their Global Outreach funds to top it up to $2,850 so that they can in fact purchase FIVE farms.

This was a really positive almsgiving campaign for Lent and a great way for the parish to support the Primate's World Relief and development fund. 

As an instrument of faith, PWRDF connects Anglicans in Canada to communities around the world in dynamic partnerships to advance sustainable development, to respond to emergencies, to assist refugees, and to act for positive change.

World of Gifts - The Primate's World Relief and Development Fund

Rev. Paul Sherwood is the rector at Trinity, Simcoe.