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By Sharon Frank 

Wishing everyone a blessed 2022 full of wonder and expectations!

As we enter this new year, we must be mindful that COVID19 is a moving target. In some places numbers go down and there is heard a collective sigh of relief, while in other places numbers soar and fear permeates.

No matter the numbers we must always remember that each number is a person, a human being, a global citizen, a child of God. Throughout the roller coaster ride of fluctuating covid numbers we must be consistent in our practice and in our need for prayer.

The consistency of prayer can be our anchor as we weather the chaos of a global pandemic.  When things seem improved, we are encouraged to offer Thanks to the Divine Presence in our lives.  When things are in decline then we can ask for strength and resilience, to face the challenges.

Prayers can offer new energy for all who face the ever-evolving ways of life; impacting those we know and love, our neighbours near and far, and ourselves.

As Christians we must never lose sight of the fact that we are never alone, for Creator will always accompany us on the journey of life, in the good times and the not so good times.

Perhaps 2022 will bring a new normal, and a new way of communicating and being in relationship with our community and with the Eternal Spirit, Mother and Father of us all. Prayer in all different ways can provide an opportunity to talk and to listen, to remember what was, to look at what is, to become inspired for what can be.  Perhaps, opening the door to be part of the process in creating an exciting way forward.

O Great and loving Holy One, give all who read this article a new and better way to be in relationship with you and with all world citizens. Give us all the wear-with-all to work and advocate for a new and improved normal, a way to manage, to live and to flourish in 2022 and beyond. Amen.

Sharon Frank, Lay Member AFP Huron Executive.