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On Saturday, September 21, a special reception recognizing Archbishop Linda Nicholls was held at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

As community members and people from around the Diocese of Huron gathered for a chance to share their well wishes with our new Primate, the room was filled with great food, amazing music on the piano from Marque Winston Andre Smith, slideshow presentations created by Gabrielle Rock, and great fellowship.

On behalf of the Diocese of Huron, The Very Reverend Paul Millward, The Venerable Tanya Phibbs, and Canon Paul Rathbone presented Archbishop Linda with a gift and their best wishes.

As Archbishop Linda prepares to make the final transition into the role of Primate, and says farewell as our Diocesan Bishop, she shared great words of wisdom with the attendees. As she spoke on her time in Huron, she said “thank you for welcoming me and making me Huron”.

While she will be back in the Diocese a few times over the next few months, they will be primatial visits. “My prayers will be with you, especially on October 26th” Archbishop Linda shared before telling the attendees that she would be back for the consecration of our next Diocesan Bishop.

After a wonderful reception, special thanks to: Gabrielle Rock, Administrative Assistant to the Bishop’s Office; The Very Reverend Paul Millward & the staff of St. Paul’s Cathedral as well as the volunteers like Carol Grant and Gail Anderson who regularly help at the Cathedral; Brenda Fieldhouse from Fanshaw Pioneer Village for the mannequins and her son Trent who helped setting up a display; and Blackfriars’ catering team.

Kyle Gascho