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By Rev. Canon Val Kenyon

Have you noticed each year as we enter the month of December, how many Christmas movies there are?

Truth is, I think many of them are on offer all year round to some degree, but as we approach December 25, our streaming services and cable networks seem to offer us a plethora of choice.

No doubt you have your favourites as I have mine. Perhaps you watch some of these movies because you always have. It is just part of your holiday traditions. Perhaps it is the colour and the music and the usual happy endings that bring us some delight.

With the leaves now long-gone and the light retreating a little more each day, and with a steady stream of news headlines filled with difficulties of all kinds, on one level we find ourselves in need of something with just a little bit of “sparkle” to it. On a deeper level, we find ourselves in need of reminders of God’s light in the darkness.

In our Advent Litany in the BAS (above) we read of the unmistakable “sparkle” of the One for whom we await: this great Morning Star, this bright Sun of righteousness, who comes and enlightens all who dwell in darkness and in the shadow of death.

Of special importance this year, in the midst of fragmentations of all kinds, this litany reminds us of the role of this One for whom we wait, this King of the nations, who makes opposing nations one, who comes to save those whom he has fashioned from clay, and who is in the end, is the hope and the Saviour of the nations. 

So, in this season of waiting, as we tell ourselves again of the coming of Christ’s light, breaking in upon us, our plea continues to ring out. “Come and enlighten all who dwell in darkness and in the shadow of death”. Come hope and Saviour of the nations! Lord Jesus come soon!

In this wondrous season of waiting and always, may that promised light of Christ show us the way forward in all things. From your Education for Ministry team within Huron, Libi Clifford, the Diocese of Huron EfM Coordinator and myself Val Kenyon at

Christ’s Light in the Darkness

O Morning Star,
splendour of the light eternal and bright Sun of righteousness;
come and enlighten all who dwell in darkness and in the shadow of death.

Lord Jesus, come soon!

O King of the nations…
you make opposing nations one;
come and save the creature you fashioned from clay. 

Lord Jesus, come soon!

O Emmanuel, hope of the nations and their Saviour;
come and save us, Lord our God.

Lord Jesus, come soon!

(Advent Litany, BAS p. 120)

Rev. Canon Dr. Val Kenyon is EFM Animator in Huron.