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By Barbara Jackson

Several years ago, I bought a sewing/embroidery machine. As it had so many features, I took several classes to learn its many complex functions.

One of the classes was a sunflower with the caption “Bloom Where You Are Planted” It crossed my mind that this would be a good topic for an article.

Quite often, we are unsatisfied with what God has given us. We want more, a better car or home. We want to be prosperous and successful. We want, we want. Do we ever ask Jesus where we should go or where we could be used most? Do we consider that we are not our own but His? God takes us beyond our own aspirations and ideas for our lives. He molds us for His purpose like a potter.

If you select your own spot to be planted, you will be like an unproductive empty seed. If you allow God to plant you, you will be very fruitful. I will begin to recognize His claim of ownership on me and that my “body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.”

Living a life of faith means never knowing where you are being led, but it does mean knowing and loving the One who is leading.

Never seek anything other than the approval of God, and be prepared to go where He will send us.

How often are we satisfied with what we have? Are we always asking for more? God has planted us exactly where He wants us to be, where He feels we are most useful to Him. Do we thank Him for the blessings He has bestowed on us? NO, not normally, but if we need something we don’t hesitate to ask.

Life is full of uncertainty and expectancy, and on occasion we feel lost, but God is always there if we turn to Him. He wants us to walk in faith. As the Bible says in many places, Jesus asks us “will you follow me?” God said to Abram “walk before Me”. "Behold I have come to do your will, O God." (Hebrews 10:9)

The Lord expects an unrestrained adventurous spirit in those who trust in Him.

God guides our everyday choices. If we choose what He doesn’t want He will give us a sense of restraint, and we must listen. Am I striving to work for God or myself? You can never give another person what you have found, but you can cause him to have a desire for it. We cannot dedicate our gifts to God, as we cannot dedicate what is not ours. One thing we can dedicate to God is the right to ourselves. God wants us to submit completely to His will.

We have no business being concerned about where or how He engineers our circumstances if you are truly trusting the Lord. He has saved us completely, and it is an insult to Him for us to ask Him to do what He has already done. Don’t make plans without first consulting God; He seems to have a way of upsetting plans made without consulting Him.

Remember, bloom where you are planted in God’s beautiful garden. “Harvest what you plant” Plant good and you will harvest good. Thank God for all His blessings.

Barbara Jackson is the Diocese of Huron ACW Council President