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Peace and good.

About 600 families were victims of the biggest urban fire in the history of the Amazonian capital in the Educandos neighborhood, south of Manaus, on the night of Monday (December 17), a public calamity was decreed by the municipal public authority. And families are housed in schools, churches and gyms.

The Educandos neighborhood, and more precisely the favela of the Bodozal, where the fire was concentrated, is a very needy and difficult to access area and the residences are stilts built of wood and glued to each other, a fact that ended up facilitating the proliferation of fire.

These 600 families who were already living in a situation of great vulnerability have now lost everything they owned. We are involved in a chain of solidarity in search of spaces that can house the victims and also collect the requests for donations of clothing, hygiene material, food, mattresses, nets, etc.

Our young Anglican community in Manaus (which began its journey with the episcopal visit in November now) is working to seek help to ease the sufferings of these families and help them rebuild their lives.
Thank you very much for your pastoral sensitivity and for your prayers and solidarity at this moment!

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Fraternally in Christ.
+Marinez Rosa dos Santos Bassotto
Bispa da Diocese Anglicana da Amazônia.