1. New quarterly application windows, with deadlines on Jan 1, Apr 1, Jul 1, and Oct 1 each year. This will provide more flexibility for applicants and allow for more timely decisions by the AFC Board. Certain application types, like for theological education bursaries, will still be pooled together for the Apr 1 and Oct 1 cycles, for processing efficiencies.

  2. New categories of grants: Category A (up to $5,000 no matching funds needed), Category B (up to $15,000 and no more than 50%), and Category C (up to $50,000, with match discretionary). If you are interested in a Category C grant, this would be the only application you may submit, at the diocesan level, in the calendar year. Please reach out to me if there is an application of this nature in the works.

  3. New funding impact zones: applicant organizations will now select between the following funding impact zones, and the submission requirements vary based on the zone: Diverse Infrastructure, Community Ministries, Leadership & Education, Indigenous Ministries, and Sacred Music & Liturgical Arts.

  4. Increased diocesan grants quota: Each diocese is eligible to submit a total of 4 Category A or Category B applications per calendar year, with a maximum of 3 applications for Diverse Infrastructure. Category C applications replaces the eligibility for Category A & B grants.

  5. New centralized & streamlined process: There is a new Grants Application Portal for submitting all application types to AFC. For applications to Trusts that used to have alternate application forms, these now may be processed using the same form. All applications from organizations now must pass through the diocesan approval process and form part of the increased diocesan quota.