Following the decision of the Ontario Government to provide Police Records Checks free of charge to volunteers, the June Diocesan Council meeting passed the following motion:

BE IT RESOLVED THAT parishes no longer be required to use XpressChek to process Police Record Checks for parish volunteers.  A copy of all Police Records Checks not processed through XpressChek is to be provided to the Human Resources Officer in a secure manner. 
Parishes are still required to have parish employees, Licensed Lay Readers and clergy obtain their Police Record Check through XpressChek.  PRCs for clergy will be paid for by the diocese and parishes will be billed by the diocese for the PRCs for their staff and Licensed Lay Readers.  If parishes prefer to continue to use XpressChek for their volunteers, parishes will be billed for those PRCs.
Copies of clear Police Records Checks for volunteers are to be sent to the diocese in one of the following ways: 
1.    Hard copies mailed to 190 Queens Ave, London ON N6A 6H7 marked Confidential, Attention of J. McLaughlin
2.    Uploaded using the form at:  This portal may also be used to upload XpressChek applications. 
If a Police Records Check shows a criminal record, please contact Jennifer McLaughlin regarding next steps.  A criminal record does not automatically prevent a person from being a volunteer in the church but a risk assessment will need to be completed before the person may begin (or continue) a volunteer position.
If you have any questions about this policy change, please contact Jennifer McLaughlin at or 519-434-6893 ext 230 or 1-800-919-1115 ext 230.