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“WE HAVE A BISHOP”: Bishop elect Dr. Todd Townshend at St. Paul’s Cathedral, London, Ontario, October 26, 2019

LONDON, October 26, 2019 - The Reverend Canon Dr. Todd Townshend, the Dean of the Faculty of Theology at Huron University College, was elected 14th Bishop of Huron on October 26.

Dr. Townshend was elected among five candidates by the diocesan synod convened at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, Ontario. He received majority of the vote of both laity and clergy after three ballots. Dr. Townshend succeeded to the throne of Huron after his predecessor the Most Reverend Linda Nicholls was elected the head of the Anglican Church of Canada in July this year.

The new Bishop of Huron will be consecrated on January 25, 2020 at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Todd Townshend was ordained deacon and priested in 1992.  He has served as rector in different parishes in London, Ontario. Dr. Townshend has a long academic record that started with university instructor positions in 1999. He was Associate Professor of Contextual Theology at Huron University College from 2011 to 2013. Dr. Todd Townshend was appointed the Dean of the Faculty of Theology at Huron College in 2013.

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