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Graffiti in front of St. Paul's Cathedral, London, Ontario: As the oldest church in London, St. Paul's has always been an intrinsic part of the city. The diocesan cathedral church represents a complex organism that fulfills different functions. Hosting St. Paul's Social Services is just one aspect of its multifaceted nature. 

How would you decide what you, or your children or your grandchildren, or even your pets could live without to stay

Today, more and more families, seniors, single parents, students, people with disabilities - anyone on a limited
income - are asking for help from our St. Paul’s Social Services.

It is a blessing to be a destination in their despair.

Many people do not know that the Food Bank of St. Paul’s Social Services stayed open five mornings a week throughout the pandemic, and that the Fellowship Centre lunch program worked around the lockdowns and restrictions (Thank you, St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church for hosting our FC lunch for over 13 months!). All in service of our mission of relieving hunger in our community.

Throughout the pandemic our core volunteers have been remarkable and extremely brave. They came in regularly
to help long before vaccines, and carried on helping throughout. We would have been lost without them. We are
humbled by these people and by their love for their fellow humans!

St. Paul’s is a truly grassroots organization. Our food bank and meal program are powered by parishes in London deanery, together with our other supporting churches (an ecumenical group of faith communities) and local initiatives. 




Kevin and the Food Harvest. The Food Bank of St. Paul’s Social Services stayed open five mornings a week throughout the pandemic. Volunteers are ready for the Eastertide busy schedule 





In order to continue our vital role in London’s community care circle, we need to ask our community for more help this spring.

Our creative team has come up with some new ways to contribute to this urgent need.

We understand that many of us are doing more with less, so we respectfully suggest a menu of ways to help us fulfill our mission.

Please, consider coming together to sponsor the annual cost of our core offerings beyond what is donated by our generous sponsors:

  • Fresh Eggs or Powdered Milk
  • Peanut butter
  • Cereal & pasta, mac & cheese
  • Canned goods- particularly pasta sauce, meat or fish
  • Re-usable bags
  • Cat food or Dog food
  • Christmas Share Sponsorships

We invite you to get creative with your own category!

Thank to our generous weekly/monthly/yearly supporters: Cobb’s Bakery, Shopper’s Drug Mart on Clarke Rd, the many businesses who support the London Food Coalition, The London Food Bank, Gary’s No Frills, Knitting for Peace, The St. Paul’s ACW, St. Martin in the Fields, Riverside United, Mt. Zion United, St. Jude Anglican, New St. James Presbyterian, First St. Andrew, Holy-Trinity St. Stephen Anglican, St. John (Arva), St. Mark’s Anglican, St. Michael and All Angels Anglican, Church of Ascension Anglican, St. Peter’s Basilica and all our churches and faithful donors…

Sharing your precious time, generous monetary gifts and bequests, prayer and good wishes keep our doors open to the most vulnerable amongst us. Bless you.  

Barb, Shiella, Heather, all of our Volunteers, and the Clergy & Leadership of St. Paul’s Cathedral.