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By Rev. Canon Val Kenyon

Expressed most simply, Education for Ministry is an opportunity participants make for themselves to dedicate a space of time in their week to explore their current understanding of their faith, while at the same time pressing into new understandings with others, also interested in study of this kind.

Education for Ministry asks us to stretch and open to God’s Spirit as we connect what we know and are learning to the experiences and encounters of our everyday life. Below you will find some frequently asked questions. Perhaps you are asking them as well?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time commitment?

Groups vary in the time that they meet with some meeting weekly, biweekly or even monthly depending on the availability of the group members.  Groups usually meet over a nine-month period.  While the EfM is a four-year program, participants commit to just one year at a time.  

Are there costs involved?

A full year of study costs $350. In addition, participants are responsible for buying textbooks which range between $125-$150.  Bursaries are available, so don’t let money stop you from inquiring about a group near you. There are also sometimes parish funds available for study.

How much preparation is involved outside of the weekly session?

While each year has different amounts of reading, the first year will likely feel like the greatest adjustment.  In all years, the material is engaging and very interesting.  It is suggested that participants allow for a minimum of two hours per week outside of the meeting for preparation and personal reflection.  Most will spend longer than this. It is not uncommon for participates to mull over questions all week that have been discussed in the group meeting.  

Who participates in EfM?

EfM is designed for lay people of all ages.  At baptism we are all called to ministry.  Around the world, EfM has been a part of supporting many to understand their particular ministries and to find their places of service within the church and the world.  While everyone has their own reasons for joining EfM all come with a desire to learn and grow in their faith.  Many come looking for a small-group setting in which they can explore the bigger questions of life in a safe and confidential environment, examining questions in light of popular culture.

Registration, Information and Open Houses

Registration takes place in late spring and the summer for classes that begin in September.  A series of Open Houses are scheduled for May, June and August. As well, should a group at your parish wish an individual presentation in person or by Zoom, we are pleased to make that available to you.

Zoom Open House: Monday, August 28, 7-8pm

For any additional information, please contact Libi Clifford, the Diocese of Huron EfM Coordinator or myself Val Kenyon at

Rev. Dr. Canon Val Kenyon is EFM Animator in Huron.