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July 16, 2019

Dear friends in Christ,

As you know the General Synod failed to approve the revision to Canon XXI to allow for same-sex marriage. It failed in the House of Bishops.  The pain in the Synod has been palpable for all members of Synod. When I was then elected as Primate it seemed to me most appropriate to leave the decision of next steps to the next Bishop of Huron.

I have heard the deep pain of many in the Diocese of Huron through your social media posts; your e-mails and public witness and feel it myself.  I did vote in favour of the change to the Canon. I am also aware that whatever I do will have an impact on the next Bishop of Huron.

I am therefore considering what steps I can put in place in the Diocese of Huron that will respond to our previous commitment in blessing same-sex civil marriage and honour the consciences of all members of the diocese and the voices we heard through our consideration process leading to our Synod in 2018. I ask for your patience.  As you can imagine my life has been turned upside down in the last few days and the General Synod continues to need my full attention. I will release to you what I believe will help us as a diocese respond to the ‘Word to the Church’ that was strongly affirmed here and permits local option and honour the consciences of all members of our diocese.

I ask your prayers for those who have been devastated by the decision of General Synod; for our LGBTQ2S+ siblings whose pain is deep; and for me as I prepare to be installed as the 14 Primate and must offer leadership to all members of our Church.

+ Linda