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“The failure of the motion to change the marriage canon will be deeply painful for LGBTQ2+ members of our Church and for those beyond the Church who looked to this step as a sign of hope and inclusion”, says Bishop Linda Nicholls in her statement sent to the faithful in Huron immediately after her election for the Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada on July 13.

“In the Diocese of Huron we will continue to offer the opportunity for a blessing of a civil same-sex marriage, recognizing the intention to live in fidelity, mutual love and comfort in a lifelong union. In light of my election as Primate, I pray that the diocese and the new bishop of Huron will discern what other steps to support same-sex couples and their families may be available.  I am confident that the Diocese of Huron will find ways to live graciously and with respect for one another”, says the newly elected Primate.