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Former Huron bishops who were present at the service on January 25 react on the seating of Rt. Rev. Robert Todd Townshend as the 14th Bishop of Huron

ON SATURDAY, JANUARY 25 2020, a large number of people gathered in our St. Paul’s Cathedral to take part in the Consecration of our new Bishop Todd Townshend.

The worship experience was magnificent, very moving and very meaningful. Archbishop Anne Germond presided. She brings with her a gentle touch which brought all of us together as one and helped us to focus on the reason for being at the celebration. When our new bishop was introduced the applause was obviously heartfelt, intense and lengthy. One felt a sense of joy, happiness and new promise.

What of the future of the Church? One version was contained in a recent Journal headline “Gone by 2040”. There are a lot of opinions about that viewpoint. However, not long ago I heard Bishop Todd speak about the need for communities of love in which people will hear the Spirit’s voice and live together peacefully, gently, faithfully with joy and self-control, bearing each others’ burdens. That attracts me, especially when I couple it with a verse from the last hymn we sang together on Saturday.

“Come and journey, journey outward
where that cross calls us to care,
where injustice and where hunger
and the poor call us to share.”

This is the ancient journey and the journey which calls us into the future.

ARCHBISHOP PERCY O'DRISCOLL (10th Bishop of Huron, 1990-2000)

DURING THAT WONDERFUL SESRVICE of consecration and installation of Todd as the 14th Bishop of Huron; I couldn’t help but think of how blessed we are to have Todd as our episcopal leader.

The pathway ahead is full of anticipated and unanticipated challenges for God’s People in Huron. For the life of me, I can’t think of anyone more suited to lead us with such an impressive skill-set of faithfulness, pedigree, deep theological grounding and interpersonal pastoral sensitivity.

I left the Cathedral that day with a hopeful sense that all is well in Huron. And for that I thank God.

BISHOP ROBERT BENNETT (12th Bishop of Huron, 2009-2016)

IT''S SUCH A JOY AND DELIGHT to be here to celebrate with Todd and the Diocese as they begin this next phase. For me it feels like the closure on my time here but I can also sense the deep joy here.

I have never seen the cathedral so full! And the sense of joy in the loud “It is!” and “We will!” when people replied to the question “Is it your will that we ordain Todd a bishop?” and “Will you support him?”

The number of bishops that were here says a lot. So many of them know Todd and they wanted to welcome him into the family of the House of Bishops and to support him in his ministry here.

I can’t think of a more joyous service, and beautifully done by everybody here in Huron.

ARCHBISHOP LINDA NICHOLLS, Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada (13th Bishop of Huron, 2016-2019)