In the Diocese of Huron, we have Territorial Archdeacons that oversee the operations of parishes in different regions throughout the diocese. We also have Non-Territorial Archdeacons that oversee diocesan initiatives.

Non-Territorial Archdeacons

The Ven. Tanya Phibbs
  • Archdeacon of Huron; Secretary/Treasurer
The Ven. Stephen McClatchie
  • Archdeacon, Episcopal Office
The Ven. Rosalyn Kantlaht'ant Elm
  • Archdeacon for Reconciliation and Indigenous Ministry
The Ven. Kristen Aikman
  • Archdeacon of Life-Long Learning & Vocational Development

Territorial Archdeacons

The Ven. Megan Collings-Moore
  • Archdeacon - North (Huron/Perth; Saugeens; Waterloo)
The Ven. Jane Humphreys
  • Archdeacon - South (Essex; Kent)
The Ven. Osita Oluigbo
  • Archdeacon - East (Brant/Norfolk; Delaware; Oxford)
The Ven. Sam Thomas
  • Archdeacon - West (Lambton; London)