Synod Organization Committee

Report of the Organizational Committee of Synod

 To the Bishop, the Chancellor and the Members of Synod: The Synod Organizational Committee meets regularly throughout the year to plan for the annual meeting of Diocesan Synod. It also meets to prepare for special sessions of Synod as necessary. The Committee discusses the finances of Synod and makes annual recommendations as to Synod fees and other costs. As well, details as to venue, meals, set up, audio visual needs, evaluation forms, comments and the preliminary agenda are addressed and discussed. Our volunteers and members are to be thanked for this behind the scenes ministry.

For information regarding past or present Synods of Huron, please contact Sarah Chase, Synod Coordinator.


2019 Synod Agenda and Theme

2019 Synod Registration Forms
  • 2019 Laity Synod Registration Form
  • 2019 Clergy Synod Registration Form
  • 2019 Synod Observer Registration Form

To register for Synod please email the Synod Coordinator at [email protected]


2019 Synod Menus


2019 Convening Circular

To access the 2019 Convening Circular please click here
(2018 Journal of Proceedings to come)

2019 Synod Prayers

To access 2019 Synod Prayers and Prayer Vigil Signup Sheet please click here

PDF format

Committee Synod Reports and Synod Motions are due by February 28, 2019.
Synod Accommodation Options

To assist Members of Synod, Observers and Guests, blocks of rooms have been reserved at three locations with a special rate to fit any budget. The individual booking and payment of a room is the responsibility of the attendee. To ensure receiving the special rate, please be sure to book your room before the room release date. After that date, the rate is not guaranteed. When making your reservation, please refer to The Diocese of Huron block of rooms. Rooms have been reserved for those attending Synod at the following locations:

Doubletree by Hilton London

300 King Street London, ON  N6B 1S2 519-439-1661

      • Room rate $140 plus HST & MAT TAX*
      • 1 King Bed or 2 double beds available
      • Hotel is connected to the Convention Centre by a walkway
      • Complimentary self-parking
      • Starbucks now located in the lobby
      • Wireless high speed internet access

Book a room at the London Hilton Please make your reservation prior to April 26, 2019 to ensure this rate.
*MAT TAX– City of London Accommodation Tax – New October 1, 2018)

Holiday Inn Express

374 Dundas Street, London. N6B 1V7 519-661-0233 [email protected]

Please note: Cancellation policy (without charge) 48 hours prior to arrival.
Please make your reservation prior to April 26, 2019 to ensure this rate.
*MAT TAX– City of London Accommodation Tax – New October 1, 2018)

Huron University College

1349 Western Road, London N6G 1H3

      • Room rate is $35 plus HST
      • Air-conditioned residence has four bedroom suites with two washrooms per suite, living room and a small kitchenette
      • Please bring your own soap, shampoo & washcloth. A towel is supplied
      • You may wish to bring an extra blanket or sleeping bag.
      • Free parking beside residence

Reservations will be made through Huron Church House by Sarah Chase at 519-434-6893 or 1-800-919-1115 ext. 233. Limited number of rooms available– please book early! The deadline for reservations is May 17, 2019.

Guest House on the Mount

1486 Richmond Street, London N6G 2M3 519-641-8100

        • Website:
        • Room rates (plus HST & MAT TAX*):
        • $49 – single room (Twin bed) with shared washrooms (washrooms and showers down the hall)
        • $75 – single room (Queen bed) with ½ bathroom (toilet & sink) shared shower facilities. Shared Ladies’ and Men’s showers are just down the hall)
        • $89 – single room with (full) bathroom. (limited number available)
        • Complementary coffee & tea
        • Wifi and basic cable
        • Beautiful greenspace, rooms with shared balcony
        • Towels and bedding provided
        • Please bring your own soap, shampoo & washcloth. A towel is supplied. Hair blowers and iron are available at the front desk. Guest Laundry is available.
        • Free parking
        • Limited number of rooms available– please book early!
        • The deadline for reservations is March 15, 2019.
*MAT TAX– City of London Accommodation Tax – New October 1, 2018)
Past & Future Synods
Synod 2018 – Downloads
Charge to Synod – Bishop Linda Nicholls, May 28, 2018 Click here for the text (PDF)
The Primate’s Address to Synod, May 28, 2018 Click here for the text (PDF)
Huron Popular Report – Brittany Cartwright Click here for the text (PDF)
Synod 2017 – Downloads
Charge to Synod – Bishop Linda Nicholls, May 29, 2017 Click here for the text (PDF)
Huron Popular Report – Jeff Kischak Click here for the text (PDF)
Synod 2016 – Downloads
Charge to Synod – Bishop Robert Bennett Sunday, May 15, 2016 Click here for the text (PDF)
Huron Popular Report – Matthew Kieswetter Click here for the text (PDF)
Address to Synod – Bishop Linda Nicholls Click here for the text (PDF)

Future Synod Dates

Year Diocesan Synod Provincial Synod General Synod
2017 May 28-30
2018 May 27-29
2019 May 26-28
2020 May 24-26
Frequently Asked Questions
Q What materials do I need to take with me to Synod?
A The minimal information you will require at Synod is: Registration Form (previously mailed)
Section 3 – Motions
Q Where do I find the Registration Form for Synod?
A Registration forms will be mailed out to all Synod Delegates.  If you did not receive one, you should contact Cathy at Church House @ 519-434-6893, or toll free 800-919-1115 ext. 221
Q This is my first Synod.  Is there any information that will help me understand the process?
A Yes. From this site you can get a copy of So You’re Coming to Synod
Q I would like to go online to download the necessary documents.  How do I do this?
A Contact Sarah Chase for complete information on how to download the Convening Circular
Q Do I have to download all of the documents in each section?
A No.  You can view, print, and/or save whichever documents you wish.  You have 2 choices to do this; each page has been scanned separately and can be viewed this way, or you can download the entire section.
Q How do I make a motion at Synod?
A Please see Section 0-4 to 0-6 of the Convening Circular

So You’re Coming to Synod Welcome Program Agenda Time Request Form For more information, please contact: Sarah Chase Synod Administrator & Administration Coordinator Paul Rathbone Director, Administrative Services

Constitution and Canons
TOC Table of Contents
Glossary Canon Definitions
Constitution Constitution
Canon 1 Election of a Bishop
Canon 2 Election of a Coadjutor Bishop or a Suffragan Bishop
Canon 3 Appointment of Dignitaries and Other Officers and their Duties
Canon 4 Candidates for Ordination
Canon 5 Candidates for Orders who have been Ordained in Another Denomination
Canon 6 Clergy Licenses, Permits, Leaves of Absence and Letters Dimissory
Canon 7 Permission to Officiate
Canon 8 Licensing of Lay Leaders
Canon 9 Clerical Appointments and Vacation
Canon 10 Retirement of Bishops, Clergy and Lay Employees of Diocese
Canon 11 Notice to be Given on Leaving a Parish
Canon 12 Partnership, Realignment, Reorganization, Disestablishment and Administration of the Parishes/Congregations of the Diocese
Canon 13 Rectories
Canon 14 Title to Real Property, Acquisition, Sale, Financing, Maintenance and Repair of Church Buildings
Canon 15 Investment of Trust Funds
Canon 16 Parish Records and Their Custody
Canon 17 Authorized Service Books and Scriptural Translations
Canon 18 Vestries and Churchwardens
Canon 19 Parish Councils
Canon 20 Differences Between Clerics and Their Parishes/Congregations
Canon 21 Discipline
Canon 22 Financial Appeals
Canon 23 Episcopal and Archdeacon’s Fund and the Sick Benefit Fund
Canon 24 Diocesan Mission Grants
Canon 25 Ordination Outfit Grants
Canon 26 Elections of Members to General and Provincial Synods and of Standing Committees of Synod
Canon 27 Bishop’s Fund for Professional Assistance of Clerics
Canon 28 The Diocesan Budget and Its Apportionment
Canon 29 Administration and Finance Committee
Canon 30 Archdeaconries and Regional Deaneries
Canon 31 Deanery Council
Canon 32 Revolving Loan Fund
Canon 33 Diocese of Huron Pension Plan
Canon 34 Retiring Gratuity and Group Life Insurance
Canon 35 Insurance
Canon 36 Other Committees
Canon 37 Archives and Archives Committee
Canon 38 Identification
Canon 39 Human Resources Committee
Canon 40 Screening in Faith
Canon 41 Cemeteries
Canon 42 Huron Development Fund
Canon 43 Chapels of Ease, Cemetery Chapels and Summer Churches
Canon 44 Litigation
NATIONAL CANONS Link to the canons of the Anglican Church of Canada
Marriage Canon Task Force

Considering the Proposed Changes to the Marriage Canon

Resources for the Diocese of Huron
Marriage Canon Task Force (MCTF)

General Synod 2016 passed a resolution to change the Marriage Canon (Canon XXI, On Marriage in the Church) so it will apply to “all persons who are duly qualified by civil law to enter into marriage.” This resolution will only come into effect if it is passed by General Synod at a second reading (in 2019). Between the first (2016) and second (2019) reading, the resolution is to “be referred for consideration to diocesan and provincial synods.”

Overview of the Diocese of Huron Consideration Process

Diocese of Huron Marriage Canon Consultation Report

General Resources:

  • Background Paper and Resources, March 2017, MCTF
  • Written to accompany the 2017 Report to Synod; includes a brief overview of events and actions, as well as links to resources, from the Anglican Church of Canada, the Diocese of Huron, and across the Anglican Communion.
  • Timeline, Summary taken from March 2017 Background Paper, May 2018, MCTF
  • Summary of Theological and Scriptural Issues, September 2017, MCTF

Synod 2018 Video Resources:

Deanery Gatherings Resources, 2017:

Synod 2017 Resources:

Other Resources:

Chain of Prayer

Clergy Toolbox

Bishop's Clergy Conference and Huron Clergy Days
February Clergy Days

All clergy are expected to attend one of the four days.

February 7, 2019  Saugeens: St. Paul’s,  248 High St, Southampton, ON N0H 2L0
February 14, 2019 London: Church of St. Jude, 1537 Adelaide St N, London, ON N5X 1K6
February 21, 2019 Essex: St. Mark’s by the Lake, Tecumseh, 150 St Marks Rd, Windsor, ON N8N 2H4
February 28, 2019 Waterloo: St. George’s, Forest Hill, 321 Fischer-Hallman Rd, Kitchener, ON N2M 4X9

REGISTER ONLINE (Registration form here)

Bishop’s Clergy Conference 2019

Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre
7021 Stanley Avenue, Niagara Falls

September 25, 26 & 27

Liturgical Standards and Other Resources

Parish Toolbox


As you are planning for parish renovations of the Church or Hall it is critical to consider issues of accessibility.

To help you think through physical accessibility including for your liturgical spaces, the following people with experience concerning accessibility issues are available for initial consultations (one or two) including a visit to the site:

  • The Rev. Matthew Arguin – Associate Priest, Regional Ministry for St. Alban the Martyr & The Church of St. Jude
    Phone: 519-455-5788
    Email: [email protected] 

Huron Archives

The Verschoyle Phillip Cronyn Memorial Archives

The Archives will be closed on Friday, July 5, 2019

Research in the Diocese of Huron Archives may be undertaken in the following manner:

In person at:
1349 Western Road, London
(below the Chapel of St John the Evangelist, Huron University College)

Click here for directions

Monday 9:30 AM – 4:00 PM
Tuesday 9:30 – 3:30 PM (4:00 PM when the Archivist is present)
Wednesday 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Friday 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Thursdays and weekends closed

Patrons are encouraged to make an appointment first before using the Archives.

By mail addressed to:
Diocese of Huron Archives
Huron University College
1349 Western Road
London, ON
N6G 1H3

Phone: 519-645-7956
Email: [email protected]
Fax: 519-645-8669

Archives and the Parish
(What goes to the Diocesan Archives and what does a parish keep?)

Due to the Privacy Act, no research will be undertaken unless accompanied by a letter and an accompanying fee. In the case of a Baptism or a Marriage record, a letter must be signed by the individual whose information you are seeking.



Those doing genealogical research must clearly indicate the purpose for their research. All requests are answered first in order of arrival and secondly, in order of priority. Requests for extract are usually answered within one week.

Fee Schedule
  1. The daily fee for visitors seeking genealogical information is $25.00.
  2. Genealogical research carried out by the Archivist will be done at an hourly rate of $25.00.
  3. Fee for an extract of a Baptism, Marriage or Burial record is $20.00.

Note: We do not provide an “actual” certificate of the requested extract.

All fees are payable in advance and are non-refundable. Cash, cheque or money orders are acceptable and

U.S. funds are accepted at par. All fees are subject to change without notice.

The policy of the Anglican Church in Canada forbids the duplication of Parish Records for circulation or for profit. Access to certain records may be restricted, subject to the permission of the Bishop of the Diocese.

Employment Opportunities

Ministry Opportunities

As of August 12, 2019 the following parishes are without rectors/incumbents:


  • St. John the Evangelist, Strathroy and St. James’, Parkhill

PARISHES WITHOUT INCUBMENTS (they have supply, Interim or transitional ministry) 

  • St. Hilda’s-St. Luke’s, St. Thomas
  • Trinity, Port Burwell with St. Luke’s, Vienna
  • Trinity, St. Thomas
  • St. James’, Wallaceburg and St. James’, Port Lambton
  • The Regional Ministry of Brant (St. James’, Brantford; Holy Trinity, Burford and All Saints’, Mount Pleasant)
  • St. Paul’s, Port Dover
  • St. Mark’s, London
  • All Saints’, London
  • St. James, Ingersoll
  • St. George’s, London effective September 1, 2019 with the retirement of the Rev’d Canon Dr. Tim Connor.
  • Christ Church, Petrolia; Christ Church, Forest and St. John’s, Kettle Point effective October 7, 2019 with the appointment of the Rev’d Elise Chambers as the rector of the Parish of Southern Trinity.
  • The Parish of Long Point Bay (St. John’s Chuch, Port Rowan; Port Ryerse Memorial Church, Port Ryerse; St. Andrew’s-by-the-Lake, Turkey Point; St. John’s Church, Woodhouse; and Christ Church Chapel of Ease, Vittoria) effective October 15, 2019 with appointment of the Rev’ Marry Farmer as the rector of Trinity, Bayfield and St. Thomas’, Seaforth. .

You are welcome to express interest in any of the above (including those in progress) by writing or emailing Archdeacon Tanya Phibbs, Huron Church House. To assist you with your decision as to whether you wish to express interest, we welcome requests for parish profiles.