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Diocesan Office Staff

Huron Church House

Church House Phone: (519) 434-6893
Toll Free in Ontario: 1-800-919-1115

BISHOP’S OFFICE   (Press #1)

Bishop Linda Nicholls
Bishop of Huron
extension 223
Email: [email protected]

The Ven. Tanya Phibbs
Executive Archdeacon
Archdeacon of Huron
extension 226
Email: [email protected]

Gabrielle Rock
Administrative Assistant
extension 223
Email: mailto:[email protected]


Jennifer McLaughlin
Human Resources Officer
extension 230
Email: [email protected]


Davor Milicevic
Communications Officer
extension 251
Email: [email protected]


Canon Paul Rathbone
extension 240
Email: [email protected]


Sarah Chase
Synod & Office Coordinator
extension 233
Email: [email protected]


Hayley James
Payroll Clerk
extension 234
Email: [email protected]


Terri Ellison
Accounting Coordinator
extension 236
Email: [email protected]


Shyla Guy
Resource Assistant
extension 235
Email: [email protected]


Meg Walmsley
extension 221
Email: [email protected]


John Lutman

Carolyn Lamont
Assistant Archivist


The Rev’d Canon Gerry Adam
extension 217
Email: [email protected]

DIOCESAN ACW SECRETARY   (Press the # key)

Ellie Eldridge
extension 237
Email: [email protected]

Social Media Officer
The Rev'd Marty Levesque
The Rev’d Marty Levesque
Email: mailto:[email protected]

The Social Media Officer manages the social media presence, engagement and policies on behalf of the Diocese of Huron. This includes curating and managing published content, monitoring discussions, and engaging seekers, parishioners and the general public across digital media platforms.

The Social Media officer promotes content and events from around the diocese to reflect and strengthen diocesan culture and identity while developing the voice of the diocese in the digital realm.

The Social Media Officer is available to consult with parishes looking for web and social media solutions for their communications needs as they reach out with the word of God in new and exciting ways.

The Rev’d Marty Levesque has been steeped in social media for 2 decades. From early engagements with Bulletin Boards Systems, Usenet and chat rooms to social media platforms spanning from Xvi and LiveJournal to Facebook and Twitter, Marty is well versed in using social media as a means of telling the story of Jesus Christ. An avid writer and blogger, Marty’s digital home can be found at

Diocesan Ecumenical Officer
The Rev'd Stephen Berryman
The Rev’d Stephen Berryman
Email: [email protected]

Jesus prayed for his disciples asking God that ‘they may be one, as we are one.’ (John 17: 22) The work of ecumenism is to promote better understanding and greater co-operation among different Christian traditions. It is an opportunity to celebrate that which we share and to learn from our differences.

Ecumenism happens in many ways within the diocese of Huron. A few examples are:

  • Joint services among neighbouring churches of different denominations;
  • Shared outreach ministries such as meal programs, Vacation Bible School, food banks and more;
  • Invitations to representatives of other traditions to address our annual Diocesan synod;
  • The work of the Lutheran, Anglican, Roman Catholic Dialogue group (LARC);
  • Collegiality among bishops and other leaders of the various denominations that our diocese overlaps geographically

The role of the Diocesan Ecumenical Officer, The Rev’d Stephen Berryman, is to support the work of ecumenism throughout the Diocese of Huron. This is done, in part, by activities such as:

  • Being a member of LARC, which is a group made up of Lutherans, Anglicans and Roman Catholics from the Eastern Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, Anglicans from the Dioceses of Huron and Niagara, and Roman Catholics from the Diocese of Hamilton. LARC plans educational and worship events designed to bring together clergy and lay people from our various traditions;
  • Serving as a member of the Diocesan Doctrine and Worship committee;
  • Acting as liaison and host for representatives of other traditions who attend synod and other services or meetings of our diocese

The DEO seeks to remain informed on ecumenical matters throughout the wider church and to understand how wider ecumenical trends may affect our diocese and our parishes as we strive to work with other Christians in living out and sharing the good news of the gospel. If you are an individual or group that wishes to learn more about ecumenical principles and practices, or if you have news to share about ecumenical work you are involved with, please let the DEO know. The work of ecumenism is a work to which each of us is called.

Animator for Reconciliation and Indigenous Ministry
The Rev’d Rosalyn Elm
Email: [email protected]

Phone: 519-282-4779

Clergy Emails


The Rev’d Canon Gerry Adam
Director, Huron Church Camp,
The Rev`d CJ Adams
Holy Trinity St. Paul`s, Chatham
The Ven. Nancy Adams
Retired Archdeacon
Canon Stephen N. Adams, Q.C.
Chancellor Emeritus, Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario;
Chancellor Emeritus and Lay Canon,
Diocese of Huron, Anglican Church of Canada
The Rev’d Kristen Aikman
St. Paul’s Church, Point Edward; Regional Dean of Lambton
The Rev’d Don Alcock
Retired Priest
The Rev’d Gary Alcock
Retired Priest
The Rev’d Patricia Allison
St. George’s, Middlesex Centre; Grace Church, Ilderton
The Ven. Ken Anderson
Retired Archdeacon
The Rev’d Elizabeth Appleyard
Retired Priest
The Rev’d Fr. Peter Aquilina
Retired Priest; St. Mark’s, London
The Rev’d Matthew Arguin
Regional Minitry of St. Jude’s and St. Alban’s , London


The Rev’d Dr. Peter C. Baldwin
Retired Priest
The Rev’d Jane Piercy Ballard
Church of the Epiphany, Kingsville
The Rev’d Kay Baxter
Retired Deacon
The Rev’d Jack Beedle
St. Jude’s, London
The Rev’d Mary Belnap
All Saints’, Sarnia
The Rt. Rev’d Robert Bennett
Retired Bishop of Huron
The Rev’d Stephen Berryman
St. John’s, Cambridge; Diocesan Ecumenical Officer
The Rev’d Chantal Blackshaw
On leave
The Rev’d Graham Bland
St. George’s, Owen Sound; Archdeacon of the Saugeens
The Rev’d Canon Tony Bouwmeester
Retired Priest
The Rev’d Grayhame Bowcott
St. George’s, Clarksburg
The Rev’d Daniel Bowyer
St. Paul’s, Stratford
The Rev’d Canon David Bowyer
Retired Priest; Trinity Church, Cambridge
The Rev’d William Bradley
Retired Priest
The Rev’d Sylvia Brightwell
Retired Clergy
The Ven. James R. Broadfoot
Retired Archdeacon
The Rev’d Canon Ken Brooks
St. Anne’s (Byron), London; Chair, Safe Church Committee
The Rev’d Lorraine Brooks
St. Paul’s, Stratford
The Rev’d Christine Brouillard-Coyle
Trinity Church, Cottam; St. Paul’s, Essex
The Rev’d Larry Brown
St. Alban the Martyr, Delhi; St. John’s, Otterville
The Rev’d Canon Ben Burry
Retired Priest
The Rev’d Patrick Byrne
Retired Priest


The Rev’d Canon Lynne Calhoun
Retired Priest
The Rev’d James Carr
Retired Priest
The Rev’d Eleanor Caruana
Trinity, Cambridge
The Ven. Dr. Neil A. S. Carver
Retired Priest
The Rev’d Canon Norman Casey
Retired Priest
The Rev’d Judy Castle
Retired Deacon
The Rev’d Bob Caudle
Retired Priest
The Rev’d Elise Chambers
Parish of North Lambton (St. John’s, Kettle Point; Christ Church, Forest), Christ Church, Petrolia
The Rev’d Bob Chandler
Retired Deacon
The Rev’d Elizabeth Chaplin
St. John the Evangelist, Leamington
The Ven. A. E. (Mickey) Chovaz
Archdeacon Emeritus of Huron and former Secretary-Treasurer of the Diocese (retired)
The Ven. Perry Chuipka
Parish of the Bruce Peninsula; Archdeacon of Congregational Development
The Rev’d Canon Brenda Clark
Retired Priest; Christ Church, Port Stanley
The Rev’d Sandra Clark
Retired Clergy
The Rev’d Elaine Clark-Siberry
On Leave
The Rev’d Dr. John Clark
Retired Priest
The Rt. Rev’d Barry Clarke
Retired Bishop of Montreal
The Rev’d Robert Clifford
All Saints, Windsor
Justin Comber
Lay-Pastor, Parish of Transfiguration (Aughrim, Dresden, Florence, Highgate, Howard, Ridgetown, Thamesville)
The Rev’d Michelle Collins-Wongkee
Retired Priest
The Rev’d Canon Megan Collings-Moore
Archdeacon of Waterloo; St. Bede’s Chapel, Chaplain, Renison University College, Anglican Chaplain to the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University
The Rev’d Canon Dr. Timothy G. Connor
St. George’s, London
The Rev’d Teresa Corrigan
Church of the Epiphany, London
The Rev’d William Craven
Retired Priest
The Rev’d Christine Crawford
On Leave


The Rt. Rev’d T. A. Dance
Retired Suffragan Bishop
The Rev’d Derek Davis
St. David’s & St. Mark’s, Windsor
The Rev’d Michael DeKay
St. Paul’s Cathedral, London
The Rev’d Canon Geoff Dibbs
Retired Priest
The Rev’d Bev Diet
Retired Priest
The Venerable Dr. Tim Dobbin
Archdeacon of Brant/Norfolk; St. Mark’s, Brantford

The Rev’d Patricia Dobbs Luxton
Parish of the Thames:
St. George’s-on-the-Wye, Thorndale; St. Peter’s, Dorchester;
The Rev’d Jack Dressler
St. Mark’s-by-the-Lake,
The Ven. James Dugan
Retired Archdeacon
The Rev’d Brad Dunbar
On Leave


The Rev’d Shaun Eaton
St. John-in-the-Wilderness, Brights Grove
The Rev’d E. Victoria Edgeworth-Pitcher
Retired Priest
The Rev’d Larry Edwards
The Parish of the Thames: St. John’s, Thamesford; St. Luke’s, Crumlin; Christ Church, Lakeside
The Rev’d Fred Eldridge
Church of the Ascension, Windsor
The Rev’d Rosalyn Elm
Parish of Six Nations; HM Royal Chapel of the Mohawks; Assistant Chaplain, Renison College
The Rev’d Glenn Empey
On Leave
The Rev’d Dennis E.S. Ewald
Retired Priest


The Rev’d Mary Farmer
Parish of Long Point Bay: Port Ryerse Memorial Church; St. John’s, Port Rowan; St. John’s, Woodhouse; St. Andrew’s-by-the-Lake, Turkey Point; & Christ Church Chapel of Ease, Vittoria
The Rev’d Silverio Ferreira
Holy Trinity St. Stephen’s Memorial, London
The Rev’d Bill Ferrier
Retired Priest (Diocese of Moosonee)
The Rev’d Ruth Ferrier
Retired Priest (Diocese of Algoma), Chaplain to Retired Clergy
The Rev’d Peggy Fidom
St. Jude’s, Mount Brydges
The Rev’d Glenda Fisher
On Leave
The Rev’d Lyn Fisher
St. George’s, Middlesex Centre
The Rev’d Dr. Keith Fleming
Retired Priest; St. James Westminster, London
The Rev’d Jane Fletcher
Retired Priest
The Rev’d Canon Donald Ford
Retired Priest
The Rev’d MaryLynn Forrest
St. George’s of Forest Hill, Kitchener
The Rev’d Canon Georgina Foster-Haig
Retired Clergy
The Rev’d Stan Fraser
Retired Priest
The Rev’d Canon Michael Farr
Retired Priest
The Rev’d David A.T. Fuller
The Parish of Rondeau Bay: Grace Church, Rondeau; St. Paul’s, Erieau; Trinity Church, Blenheim


The Rev’d Fr. Kent Gardiner
Retired Clergy
The Rev’d Phil Gandon
Retired Priest on supply in the Deanery of Huron/Perth
The Rev’d Bruce Genge
On Leave

The Rev’d Canon Dr. Kevin George
St. Aidan’s, London
The Rev’d Julia Gill
St. Columba, Waterloo
The Rev’d Ross Gill
Retired clergy
The Rev’d Canon Bryan Girling
Church of the Epiphany, Kingsville
The Rev’d Hilton Gomes
Chaplain, Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare
The Rev’d Mona Goulette
On Leave
The Rev’d William T. Graham
Retired Priest
The Ven. William V. Graham
Retired Archdeacon of Huron
The Rev’d Stephen Greene
St. Luke’s, St. Thomas, Cambridge
The Ven. Janet Griffith-Clarke
Archdeacon of Oxford and Delaware



The Rev’d Canon Marian Haggerty
Retired Priest
The Ven. Stephen Haig
Retired Archdeacon
The Rev’d Canon Steve Harnadek
All Saints’, Sarnia
The Rev’d Matthew Hartt
On Leave
The Rev’d Kate Hathaway
Retired Priest
The Ven. Dennis B. Hayden
Retired Priest
The Rev’d Edgar J. Healey
Retired Priest
The Rev’d Dick Hebbourn
Retired Priest
The Rev’d Pat Henderson
St. Paul’s Cathedral, London
The Rev’d Rob Henderson
Holy Trinity St. Stephen Memorial, London
The Rev’d Dr. Stephen Hendry
Sr, George’s of Forest Hill, Kitchener, Regional dean of Waterloo
The Rev’d David Hewett
Retired Priest
The Rev’d Cheryl Highmore
Trinity Church, Cambridge
The Rev’d Rob Hiscox
Circle of Faith Parish: Church of the Messiah, Kincardine; St. Luke’s, Point Clark; St. Matthew’s, Kingarf; St. Thomas’, Walkerton
The Rev’d Canon Vicars Hodge
Trinity, Sarnia; Canon Missioner
The Rev’d Fr. John Hodgins
Retired Clergy
The Rev’d Joyce Hodgson
Retired Clergy
The Rev’d Dr. Ray Hodgson
Retired Clergy
The Rev’d Raymond Hodgson
St. Bartholomew’s Church, Sarnia
The Rev’d Suzanne Hollands
On Leave
The Rev’d Herb Horsey
St. Columba, Waterloo
The Rev’d Canon June Hough
Church of the Ascension, London
The Rt. Rev’d Bruce H. W. Howe
Retired Bishop of Huron
The Rev’d Canon Mario Hryniewicz
Retired Priest
The Rev’d Canon Dr. Don Hull
Retired Priest
The Ven. Jane Humphreys
St. Mary’s Walkerville, Windsor; Archdeacon of Essex
The Rev’d Dr. Ronald Hunt
Retired Priest
The Rev’d Lyndon Hutchison-Hounsell
St. John the Evangelist, London


The Rev’d Jim Innes

Rector of Regional Ministry of South Huron (St. John’s by-the-Lake, Grand Bend; Trivitt Memorial, Exeter and St. Anne’s, Port Franks)

The Rev’d Carrie Irwin

Parish of the Saugeen Shores: St. Paul’s, Southampton and St. John’s, Port Elgin


The Rev’d Canon Laverne Jacobs
Retired Priest
The Rev’d Anne Jaikaran
St. Aidan’s, London; Church of the Transfiguration, London
The Rev’d Ray Jenkins
Retired Priest
The Rev’d Bradley Johnson
Church of the Epiphany, Woodstock
The Rev’d Susan Jolley
Retired Deacon
The Ven. Richard A. Jones
Retired Archdeacon
The Rev’d Fr. David Joyce
Retired Priest


The Ven. Willi K. F. Kammerer
St. Martin-in-the-Fields, London; Archdeacon Emeritus
The Rev’d Christopher Kelly
On Leave
The Rev’d Gordon Kennedy
Retired Deacon; All Saints’, Waterloo
The Rev’d Canon Valerie Kenyon
St. Anne’s, Byron; Trinity, Lambeth; Honorary Clerical Secretary)
The Rev’d Matthew Kieswetter
St. Andrew’s Memorial, Kitchener
The Ven. Dr. Jawn Kolohon
Retired Archdeacon;
The Rev’d Canon E. Karen Kovats
St. Thomas the Apostle, Cambridge
The Rev’d Alan Knight
Retired Priest
The Rev’d Jeff Kischak
Christ Church, Markdale; St. Mary’s Chapel of Ease, Maxwell
The Rev’d Victor Kischak
Holy Saviour, Waterloo


The Rev’d Dr. Virginia Lane
Retired Priest; St. Paul’s Cathedral, London
The Rev’d Canon Dr. Lizette Larson-Miller
St. John the Evangelist Collegiate Chapel, Huron University College, London; Canon Precentor and Diocesan Liturgical Officer
The Rev’d Canon Dr. Douglas Leighton
St. John the Evangelist Collegiate Chapel, Huron University College, London
The Rev’d Canon Robert Lemon
St. Mark’s-by-the-Lake, Tecumseh, Regional Dean of Essex
The Rev’d Peter Leonard
Retired Priest; Church of the Epiphany, London
The Rev’d Marty Levesque
All Saints’, Waterloo; Diocesan Social Media Officer

The Rev’d Laura Lightfoot
On Leave
The Rev’d Greg Little
Retired Priest
The Rev’d Quenton Little
On Leave
The Ven. Allan Livingstone
Retired Archdeacon
The Rev’d Gene Lotz
Deacon Outreach – St. Augustine of Canterbury Windsor
The Rev’d Mark Loyal
St. John the Baptist, Walpole Island
The Rev’d Katherine Loynd
Retired Priest
The Rev’d Rob Luxton
Old St. Paul’s, Woodstock
The Rev’d Canon Janet Lynall
St. John’s, St. Thomas
The Rev’d Canon Robin Lyons
Retired Priest


The Rev’d Catherine MacKendrick
St. Matthew’s, Windsor
The Rev’d Luanne MacPherson
On Leave
The Rev’d Gordon Maitland
St. John’s, (Sandwich), Windsor
The Rev’d Sharla Malliff
Holy Trinity, St. George; Diocesan Chaplain to Youth
The Rev’d Dr. Wayne Malott
Parish of Trinity, Bayfield and St. James’, Middleton
The Rev’d Sue Malpus
Retired Priest
The Rev’d John Maroney
Christ Church, Chatham
The Rev’d Matt Martin
Holy Trinity, Lucan; St. James’, Clandeboye; Regional Dean of Huron/Perth
The Rev’d Steve Martin
St. Stephen’s, Stratford
The Rev’d Jon Massimi
Clergy on Leave

The Ven. Dr. Ronald Matthewman
Retired Archdeacon
The Rev’d David Matthews
Trinity Church, Sarnia
The Rev’d Ian McAlpine
Retired Priest
The Rev’d Dr. Stephen McClatchie
St. John the Evangelist Collegiate Chapel, Huron University College; St. John the Evangelist, London
Brother Mark OSA (The Rev’d Bro. John A. McIntosh)
St. George’s of Forest Hill, Kitchener
The Rev’d Brian McKay
Retired Priest; St. James Westminster, London
The Rev’d Wendy Mencel
St. John the Divine, Arva
The Rev’d Kim Metelka
St. Stephen’s, Oldcastle; Church of the Redeemer, Colchester North
The Rev’d Canon Adèle Miles
St. Luke the Evangelist, London
The Rev’d Catherine Miller
Christ Church, Meaford; St. James’, Fairmount
The Rev’d Anne Mills
Retired Priest
The Very Rev’d Paul Millward
St. Paul’s Cathedral; Dean of Huron
The Rev’d Canon Dr. W. Lorne Mitchell
St. James, Stratford
The Rev’d Victoria Mouck
Church of the Epiphany, Kingsville
The Rev’d Dr. Gerry Mueller
St. Andrew’s, Kitchener
The Rev’d Dr. Len Myers
Retired Priest
The Rev’d Dr. Margaret Myers
On Leave


The Rev’d Karen Nelles
St. John the Evangelist, Strathroy; St. James’, Parkhill; St. Paul’s, Kerwood
The Rev’d Canon Keith Nethery
St. James’ Westminster, London
The Rev’d John Neu
Retired Deacon
The Rev’d Meghan Nicholls
St. James’, Ingersoll

The Rev’d Dr. Gary Nicolosi
Retired Preist
The Rev’d Dale Nikkel
St. George’s, London
The Rev’d Canon Linda Nixon
St. James’, Cambridge
The Rev’d Patricia Nunn
Christ Church, Port Stanley


The Most Rev’d Percy O’Driscoll
Retired Archbishop of Huron & Metropolitan of Ontario
The Rev’d John M. Odell
On leave
The Rev’d John Ogilvie
St. Mark’s, Brantford
The Rev’d Osita Oluigbo
St. John’s,Tillsonburg


The Rev’d Gary R. Parker
Parish of the Transfiguration: St. John’s-in-the-Woods, Bothwell; Christ Church, Dresden; St. Matthew’s, Florence; Church of the Redeemer, Highgate; Church of the Advent, Ridgetown; St. Stephen’s, Thamesville

The Rev’d Robert Parker
On Leave, Serving Military as Chaplain
The Rev’d Dr. Preston Parsons
St. John the Evangelist, Kitchener
The Rev’d Noel Paterson
Retired Priest
The Rev’d Fay Patterson-Willsie
Retired Priest – St. George’s, Ajax
The Rev’d Canon Tom Patterson
St. James’, Stratford
The Rev’d Canon Sue Paulton
Thr Church of St. David and St. Mark, Windsor
The Rev’d Colin Pearce
Retired Priest
The Rev’d Derek Perry
St. Paul’s, Princeton; St. John’s, Eastwood; Christ Church, Oxford Centre
The Rev’d Dr. Michael Peterson
On Leave; Chaplain, Anglican Ordinariate of the Canadian Forces
The Ven. Tanya Phibbs
Archdeacon of Huron, Executive Archdeacon & Registrar
The Rev’d Doug Pizzey
Brant Regional Ministry
The Rev’d Bruce Pocock
Retired Clergy
The Rev’d Paul Poolton
St. Augustine of Canterbury, Windsor
The Rev’d Jason Postma
St. James’, Paris
The Rev’d Lisa Poultney
St. Andrew’s Memorial, London
The Rev’d Canon Christopher B. J. Pratt
Retired Priest


The Rev’d Gayle Rawlings
Retired Priest
The Rev’d Bonnie Rayner
St. Jude’s, Mt. Brydges; St. John’s, Glencoe
The Rev’d Marjorie Reid
Retired Clergy
The Rev’d Kendall Reimer-Johnston
Retired Clergy
The Rev’d Loretta Rice
On Leave
The Rev’d Bryan Robertson
Retired Priest
The Rev’d Dana Rodgers
Retired Priest
The Rev’d Pierce Russell
Retired Priest


The Ven. Richard Salt
Retired Archdeacon
The Rev’d Dr. Rishi Sativihari
On leave
The Rev’d Mark Sceviour
On Leave, Military Chaplain
The Rev’d Canon Robert Schroeder
Retired Priest
The Rev’d Hana Scorrar
St. James Westminster, London
The Rev’d Dr. Eileen Scully
On Leave; Anglican Church of Canada Director of Faith, Worship and Ministry
The Rev’d Jenny Sharp
St. James’ Church, St. Mary
The Rev’d Paul Sherwood
Trinity Church, Simcoe; Chaplain to Lay Readers
The Rev’d Canon Brian Shoesmith
Retired Priest
The Rev’d Margaret Shortell
Retired Priest
The Rev’d Paul Silcox
Grace Church, Brantford
The Rev’d Dr. Dalice A. Sim
Retired Priest
The Ven. Dr. Gordon Simmons
Bishop’s Vicar; Trinity, Watford
The Rev’d Sandra Sinnicks
Retired Priest
The Ven. Dr. A. Skirving
Retired Archdeacon
The Rev’d Canon Greg Smith
St. John the Evangelist Collegiate Chapel, Huron University College
The Rev’d Canon Lance Smith
Church of the Ascension, Windsor
The Rev’d Canon Sid Smithson
Retired Priest
The Ven. John Spencer
Retired Archdeacon
The Rev’d Frank Squires
Trinity Church, Cambridge
The Rev’d Joel Steiner
Christ Church, Ayr; Holy Trinity, Kitchener
The Rev’d Vermell Stevens
St. John’s, Tillsonburg
The Rev’d Canon James Stevenson
Retired Priest
The Rev’d Joan Stiles
Retired Priest
The Rev’d J. Keith Stokes
Retired Priest
The Rev’d Bill Strang
Christ Church, Amherstburg
The Ven. Dr. Jim Sutton
Archdeacon Emeritus


The Rev’d Andreas Thiel
St. Matthew’s, Windsor
The Ven. Sam Thomas
St. Michael & All Angels, London; Archdeacon of London
The Rev’d Dr. John Thompson
St. John the Evangelist, London
The Rev’d Jo Ann Todd
Regional Ministry of Hope: St. John’s, Brussels; St. Paul’s-Trinity, Wingham; Trinity, Blyth; St. James, Hanover
The Rev’d William Tompkins
St. Andrew’s, LaSalle
The Rev’d Canon Rob Towler

The Ven. Peter Townshend
Retired Archdeacon
The Rev’d Canon Dr. Todd Townshend
Dean of Theology, Huron University College
The Rev’d Chris Travers
Christ Church, Huntingford; Good Shepherd, Woodstock


The Rev’d Phil Uptgrove
Retired Priest


The Rev’d Canon Kim Van Allen
St. George’s, Goderich & Christ Church, Port Albert; Archdeacon of Huron-Perth
The Rev’d Ann Veyvara-Divinski
Regional Ministry of Saugeens; Christ Church, Tara; St. Paul’s, Chatsworth


The Rev’d Margaret Walker
St. George’s, New Hamburg; St. James, Wilmot Chapel of Ease; Chaplain, Monica Place
The Rev’d Bert Walls
Retired Priest
The Rev’d Fred Walther
Christ Church, Ayr
The Ven. Judy Walton
St. George’s, Clarksburg Blue Mountains
The Rev’d Canon William Ward
St. Jude’s London, Regional Dean of London
The Rev’d Brian Wearne
On Leave

The Rev’d Canon Nick Wells
Retired Priest, Regional Dean of Delaware
The Rev’d Canon Beverley Wheeler
Retired Priest
The Rev’d Canon Gaye Whippey
Zion Church, Oneida, St. Andrew’s Church, Muncey
Rev’d Bill White
Retired Priest
The Rev’d Elaine Wilcox
Holy Trinity, Chatham
The Rev’d Eric Williams
Circle of Faith Parish: Church of the Messiah, Kincardine; St. Luke’s, Point Clark; St. Matthew’s, Kingarf; St. Thomas’, Walkerton
The Rev’d Marita Williams

The Rev’d Andrew Wilson
St. John’s, Leamington
The Rev’d Dr. Tom Wilson
Retired Priest
The Rev’d Deborah Wilson-Safa
St. John’s, Leamington
The Rev’d Ted Winter
Old St. Paul’s, Woodstock
The Rev’d Mary Wood
Retired Clergy
The Rev’d Paul Woolley
Retired Clergy


The Rev’d Stephen Yeo
On Leave
The Rev’d Christine Young
Retired Priest

Huron University College, Western UniversityHuron Logo

1349 Western Road
London, Ontario
Canada, N6G 1H3
Telephone: (519) 438-7224
[email protected]

Huron University College Map

The Rev’d Dr. Barry L. Craig

The Rev’d Canon Dr. Todd Townshend
Dean, Faculty of Theology

Affiliated Institutions

Canterbury College, University of Windsor

2500 University Avenue West
Windsor, Ontario
N9B 3Y1
Phone: (519) 971-3646

University of Windsor Map

Driving Directions

Dr. Gordon Drake

The Rev’d Hilton Gomes
Incumbent, St. Paul’s Chapel & Chaplain, Canterbury College

Renison University College University of Waterloo

240 Westmount Road North
Waterloo, Ontario
N2L 3G4
Phone: (519) 884-4400

University of Waterloo Map

Location and Directions

Dr. Wendy Fletcher
President & Vice-Chancellor

Marilyn Malton ext. 28628
Director, Renison Institute of Ministry
Email: [email protected]

The Rev’d Canon Megan Collings-Moore
Incumbent, St. Bede’s Chapel & Chaplain, Renison
Email: [email protected]