Unexpected visitors at Trinity Church, Cottam

Let your imagination take you to a simpler time and place.

On Sunday, February 28, Trinity’s congregation was surprised by some unexpected visitors. The morning began with what seemed like an unusual number people missing. Our Lay Reader, and chair of our 150th Anniversary Committee, Bill Jackson, had not been informed of what was planned. As he looked around the church, he wondered, could they ALL have a cold or maybe the flu? Most of the missing had duties to perform. Had they called on someone to cover for them?

Hopefully, “little white lies” would be forgiven as those who were present made excuses for the absentees. Rev. Chris had been informed of what was to take place and she gave her full support… even adding her own “little white lie” in order to keep Bill from knowing what was going on.

The service began as usual, with the choir processing up the aisle and everyone singing the first hymn. As choir members were settling into their places, people from a different era appeared and began to take up some of the empty pews. These people looked familiar but they were dressed in outfits more in keeping with styles of the late 1800’s. Bill’s expression told us that he was beginning to put it all together.

A coffee hour had been scheduled after the service with a showing of a video taken in 1991. That had been Trinity’s 125th Anniversary and a fashion show had taken place. The show depicted clothing from the mid 1800’s to 1991. To tie in with the movie, a number of Trinity’s members secretly dressed in costumes from days gone by and made their surprise entrance shortly after the service was under way.

Coffee hour involved perusal of memorabilia that had been assembled as well as the showing of the 1991 fashion show. All was forgiven as we shared what individuals had gone through in order to keep everything undercover.

Variety is the spice of life, they say. This morning had certainly been a diversion from a normal Sunday morning and one long to be remembered. Bill said: “I know that we will continue to make happy memories as we celebrate Trinity’s 150th anniversary year.“

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