(Cursillo weekend – the beginning of an amazing personal journey)            

By Colin Shutt   

May 27 through 29 was the most recent Anglican Cursillo Weekend of Christian discovery. It was Cursillo weekend #51 and it was held at Crieff Hills Conference Center in Puslinch, just south of Guelph.  This weekend of introduction to a “Short Course on Christianity” was joint effort of Huron and Niagara Dioceses.

My first Cursillo weekend was weekend #47, in May of 2012. It was a pivotal moment in this Christian’s journey. As many who have attended a Cursillo weekend will tell you – there is no turning back! To describe that feeling we use the Spanish word “Ultreya” which roughly translated means “Ever forward”.

As a Christian sitting in my pew, and loving the service, I somehow felt, when I went home, that I was unfulfilled. I was a contributor to our church community; I cared and I did what was necessary, but still… Have you experienced that feeling?

One day at coffee hour, I was talking about going to a “Warden’s and Treasurer’s Day” workshop to learn more of these duties. My priest overheard this and suggested that a Cursillo weekend would be a better fit for me (sometimes others know better than you what you need). Well, that weekend changed my whole life as a Christian.  It gave me the kick-start, or as Richard Rohr says, had me falling upward, which has kept me seeking ever since. That weekend changed my vision and direction for there was a Spirit present that transcended all.

I am no longer satisfied with a status quo. I have questions and if I ask, Christ will give me the answers; a most patient friend!

Seeking brought me to EFM (Education for Ministry) – a natural progression. Biblical study and theological reflection in a group setting where no view is left unturned.

The more I study, the more Christian I wish to become. All of this is because of an inspirational and spiritual weekend called Cursillo.

Ultreya and God Bless!

Colin Shutt is as a Cursillista, a fledgling EFM-er and a grateful parishioner of St. Stephens Memorial Church, London.


Cursillo #51: Way of the Cross