“Ultreya” at St. John the Evangelist, Kitchener

By Marion Bailey

An Ultreya was held at St. John the Evangelist Church in Kitchener on Sunday, June 12th at 3 p.m.

It was well attended with more than 40 people from the dioceses of Huron and Niagara. This was the first Ultreya following Cursillo Weekend #51 and new Cursillistas were welcomed into the community.

An inspiring Witness Talk was given by Rachel Prichard. Heather Garland’s response to Rachel’s talk gave us inspiration to be witnesses for Christ.

10-yltreyaEven though the street construction around the church was problematic, the fellowship was not dampened. A pot luck supper was enjoyed by all.  Thanks to the folks at St. John the Evangelist Church for their hospitality!

Ultreya is one of the least understood parts of the Cursillo method, starting with the name itself. “Ultreya!” is a cry of encouragement. It is a Spanish word which means “Keep on going!” or “Onward!”

The role of the Ultreya is to link Christians together. Ultreya is where we gather and are revitalized by sharing with others. New Cursillistas are welcomed into the larger community and support through the sharing of one another’s experience of living with Christ can be found. Additional spiritual guidance is available and it is a place where we are inspired by the witness talks to be courageous in transforming our environments for Christ.

The theme for all Ultreyas is “transforming the world for Christ”. Rather than being Cursillo centred, the Ultreya is Christ centred and concentrates on Jesus working within each of us to bring the whole world to Him. Any committed Christian should be able to feel comfortable at an Ultreya, finding strength and courage to fulfil our Baptismal Covenant.


Marion Bailey serves on Dioceses of Niagara and Huron Anglican Cursillo Secretariat.