Tea with the Bishop

by Anya Laurence-Thiel

It was the summer of 2009 and my husband, Andreas Thiel, was doing his placement at Sauble Beach, Ontario. The Bishop was to come to the later service and we were quite excited. My husband went to the church for the early service and I stayed in the little cottage we were occupying at the time.

Looking out the window, I spotted  a gentleman in a purple shirt walking slowly up the street.

I went to the door and waved to him and in he came. One half-hour later, after sipping tea and nibbling cookies together, I realized that I had just spent time with someone very special. Bishop Terry Dance was a true man of God. Intelligence, compassion, humour and curiosity blended together in deep faith was what Terry Dance was all about.

I thought about this as my husband and I attended the beautiful farewell service for Bishop Terry at the cathedral. He will be sorely missed… however we can all be thankful for the tremendous work he did alongside Bishop Bob during years of growth and,yes, years of strife.

May God bestow the richest blessings upon you, Terry and Diane, as you go forth into your new life.