Striving to seek and serve Christ in every person I meet

Faith Witness: At the diocesan synod back in May, Bishop Linda challenged a few of Huron’s lay leaders to share their experience of being Christ’s disciples.

By David Hyatt

I am a member of Grace Church, Brantford, and I work as a municipal prosecutor in Kitchener.

My job brings me into contact with many folks from all different backgrounds for whom getting a ticket is as close to our justice system as they are ever likely to get. I try to live out my calling as a disciple of Christ by striving to seek and serve Christ in every person that I meet in my job, and I try to treat every one of those meetings as a pastoral opportunity, a chance to make real and present to them Christ’s love and grace and mercy in a tangible way, within a context that often carries real world consequences beyond a mere fine.

David Hyatt with his wife Lisa

It can be difficult at the best of times to balance the competing interests of society, victims and accused, yet I try to maintain that balance by seeking the leading of the Spirit in an effort to always arrive at outcomes that reflect God’s justice in our society. I am sustained in my life as a disciple (or apprentice, as Bishop Linda put it!) by being grounded in the life of my parish community, allowing myself to be fed by Word and Sacrament, and sustained by a life of prayer and reflection centred on the offices and the reading of Scripture.

Life as a disciple of Christ must be open to those “thin places” Bishop Linda referenced in her sermon at the opening service of Synod. This was recently made real to me when I held my new granddaughter for the first time: here was a thin place, indeed! Quite literally, here was new life and glimpse of eternity.

What a gift and blessing to be able to view our world through the lens of our discipleship, our apprenticeship, in Christ.

David Hyatt, Grace Church, Brantford; lay reader and postulant (priest for specialized ministry).