Statement from the Ontario House of Bishops

The Ontario House of Bishops issued the following statement on Wednesday, May 1:

“The Ontario House of Bishops met in Toronto this April, and amongst other matters discussed the Lambeth Conference in 2020, particularly with respect to the decision of the Archbishop of Canterbury not to extend an invitation to Bishop Kevin Robertson’s spouse Mr. Mohan Sharma.

There has been significant pain in this decision for Bishop Kevin’s family, for members of the wider LGBTQ2 community, and for many clergy and laity across the Province.

Recognizing the diversity of theological positions in the Ontario House of Bishops, and in the Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario, the Bishops of Ontario nevertheless wish to concur with the statement on this matter that was prepared by the Toronto College of Bishops on March 25th.

We want to assure the Province of Ontario that we are committed to prayerfully supporting each other and walking in unity as members of the body of Christ.”

The statement was signed by all the bishops in the Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario.

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