Spooks and spirits

By Heather Kingham

Holy Trinity Church on Victoria Ave in Chatham opened its doors on Halloween night and welcomed approximately 250 children from the neighbourhood and beyond to celebrate “Spooks & Spirits”.

To help set the atmosphere, the dimly-lit interior of the church was decorated with pumpkins, hanging ghostly shapes and the organist, Brian Sweetman, played suitably spooky music.

The children were encouraged to go up to the front of the church to see the organ being played and were also given an opportunity to pull on the rope to make the steeple bell ring.

Members of the Anglican Parishes of Chatham provided apples, bags of candy, chips, and hot apple cider which were handed out by costumed parishioners to the guests. Some of the adults accompanying the children commented that they had never been inside the 140 year old building and enjoyed the chance to see this Chatham landmark.

Heather Kingham is a a parishioner of Holy Trinity Church, Chatham.