South Huron’s gift to the Cathedral

A group of parishioners from the Regional Ministry of South Huron came to visit St. Paul’s Cathedral in London on Thursday, March 16, with a generous donation of $28,737 – a gift from their parish to the Cathedral.


South Huron consists of three churches – St. Anne’s, Port Frank; Trivitt Memorial, Exeter; and St. John’s by the Lake, Grand Band – joined in a shared ministry.

Fred Clarke and Carole Mathers (St. John’s by the Lake), Routh Elliott and Rob Cornish (Trivitt Memorial), Barb McGovern and Paul Peterson (St. Anne’s), together with their rector Rev. Jim Innes, presented three cheques as a single donation to Rt. Rev. Linda Nicholls, Bishop of Huron, and to the interim rector of St. Paul’s and Dean of Huron Rt. Rev. Bishop Berry Clarke.

“The intent for bringing everyone together from the churches was to brand the entire parish as South Huron Anglican ministries and to present these three cheques as coming from one parish. It was important for the members of the three churches to see themselves as a part of one, bigger parish”, said Rev. Jim Innes. All three churches have donated earlier to Project Jericho, stated Innes, but the urgency of this last appeal motivated them to dig deeper into their resources and give even more.

The gift was accepted with appreciation.  Bishop Linda Nicholls expressed her gratitude for the donation seeing it “as a wonderful recognition that we are a family”.

“We are grateful for your support and for the support of the Diocese. Bishop Linda’s appeal and the response to it has been a real humbling experience”, commented Bishop Clarke.

Bishop Barry gave the update on the work that has been done and led a short tour of the Cathedral.