Saving souls, one at a time

On Sunday morning August 19, 2018 the Bayfield Community Fair Church Service of prayer and praise was held on the Bayfield Agricultural Grounds under the Big Top, with the local United, Presbyterian, Community and Anglican churches participating. Scripture was proclaimed, accompanied by lots of music and lots of prayers joyfully sung and earnestly said, by an assembly of about one hundred and sixty, plus a joint choir, several soloists, a musician and the clergy. The open offering was given to the Huron Residential Hospice.

Rev. D. Wayne Malott

There is nothing like a tent meeting for feeling in touch with others, the grass and the breeze of God’s good Creation, especially when other events and a funfair are noisily going on at the same time.

The Anglican churches of Trinity, Bayfield and St. James, Middleton were represented by many of their members led by their rector the Rev. Dr. Wayne Malott.

Then providence showed up. Wayne and his wife Lori took a couple of visiting friends to lunch at the Bayfield Berry Farm. A few minutes after arriving and only having just sat down, one of the servers called out loudly and repeatedly “Call 911”. A customer was choking. He had stopped breathing and had lost consciousness. Wayne immediately leapt up and tended to the man in distress bringing him back to awareness and breath in short order, his medical training no doubt saved the man. Wayne stayed with him until the paramedics arrived and took the customer away for further care, tests and diagnoses.

Providence brought two people together that day, one in need and one who could help, at just the right time. Thanks be to God.

By and large, it was a great day!