Candidates’ biographies and questions for candidates

The Electoral Procedures Committee (EPC) is pleased to present the candidates for Bishop of the Diocese of Huron.

Based on the Diocese’s constitution, as well as feedback from the 2016 Electoral Synod, the EPC has established the following format for how Synod members and the greater community can learn about the candidates for Bishop.

Below you will find a brief biography for each candidate in alphabetical order. In particular, and in accordance with the Diocese’s constitution, we asked each candidate to provide, in 500 words or less, a description of their educational background, work experience outside the church, date of ordination, appointments, and their record of service in the Church.

Between August 12 and August 31, 2019, the EPC received nearly 40 questions from clergy and laity across the Diocese. From these questions, which covered a range of topics, the committee generated four that it posed to the candidates in writing for their considered reflection and response. Those questions were:

  1. What is your vision for Huron?
  2. How would you describe your leadership style? What role do you foresee Synod playing in the administration of the Diocese?
  3. Given the wide range of positions in the church locally, nationally, and internationally on difficult issues, how will you shepherd the diverse flock that is Huron?
  4. Do you have a plan in mind to address the related issues of decline, sustainability, and mission? If so, can you speak to that plan? How would you root it in your own theology and spirituality?

As well, members of the diocese were invited to attend a “Meet the Candidates” event hosted at The Cathedral Church of St. Paul, London on September 21at 10:30 am. Each candidate was invited to offer a five minute introductory reflection on the question “Why do you feel called by God to be the Bishop of Huron?” after which attendees were able to meet with each candidate.

Following the event, the EPC filmed the candidates offering their thoughts on a select number of topics. Their answers, along with a video of the “Meet the Candidates” event will be posted on the Diocesan website.

The Electoral Synod is scheduled for October 26 at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London and will be chaired by The Most Reverend Anne Germond, Metropolitan of Ontario.

Lastly, further nominations of candidates may be submitted by any five members of Synod, along with the written consent of the nominee to stand for election, before October 16, 2019.

Any such nominations must be sent to the Vice Chancellor of the Diocese either via regular mail sent to Church House at 190 Queens Av, London, Ontario, N6A 6H7, or by email sent to [email protected]

The Electoral Procedures Committee − Diocese of Huron

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