Praise God from whom all blessings flow

In our Diocese, harvest begins in earnest early in August and continues until Thanksgiving and beyond.

What an amazing bounty we enjoy! My garden looks like a jungle, needing constant trimming. Our ONE pumpkin vine makes a concerted effort to take over ALL of our lawn. If only the foliage was edible!

All of this makes it easy for me to reflect on the personal blessings God has given to me. I wonder why He thinks that I am worthy of this? Yet, that is exactly His point. No one is deserving, but His Grace transcends this and is bestowed through His Love on each of us. How can we not be grateful… and humble?

I need to live up to these gifts, to make the best use of everything I have been given; to not squander it, not waste it, not ignore it. We are called to serve. We, as women of faith, rise to the challenge. All of the women in the churches I have attended are serving above and beyond the call of duty. Cheerfully, joyfully. I see it in so many ways. And yet, are we living up to our potential? Are we making full use of all our gifts?

Some of us rise to leadership positions in our churches, but more of us should. Some of us feel that we are not qualified; some balk at the workload; some are unwilling to deal with the inevitable challenges of working in a group of people – the ‘politics”, the interpersonal conflicts, the compromises. Yet, do you have faith that God will see you through? Are you unwilling to ask Him for help?

What are your goals? Are there skills you need to attain to achieve them? Do you give up on goals – or lower them − because attaining them would require you to take a leadership position?

I find it interesting that too many women do not recognize the leadership skills they already possess. Are you a wife? A Mother? Have a job? Have your own apartment or house? Do you manage all that? Do you realize how many skills you already have – skills that are, in fact, leadership skills?

Too often we downplay our abilities, especially if they come from managing a domestic household. Why? They are the same skills you would need to lead any project or team. Think about it.

Our beloved Church needs leaders, needs people to step up to the challenges it faces. It also needs a woman’s voice, in the same way it needs the voice of youth. While women are attaining positions in the middle management echelons, we need more of them there and we need more of them to move higher.

Bishop Linda has shown us what is possible today. We need to follow her lead. We need to step up. We have the skills. We need to live up to our full potential. We need to use ALL the gifts we have been given. Trust is God. Pray for His guidance. Listen to His call. His gifts are bounteous.

Thank God for the blessings he has given you. Use them to the best of your ability. Be worthy of His Grace.

Bonnie Rees, ACW President