New level of energy and a desire to see the parishes grow

By Diane O’Neill

Rev. Bradley Johnson at his induction as rector of the Brant Regional Ministry. Photo: Mackenzie Burnside, MGB Photography

The induction service for Rev. Bradley Johnson as rector of the Brant Regional Ministry, took place in St. James’ Anglican Church, Brantford, on Thursday, June 15th.

The Brant Regional Ministry includes: St. James’ Church, Brantford, Holy Trinity Church, Burford and All Saints’ Church, Mount Pleasant.

Officiant was the Ven. Janet Griffith-Clarke, Archdeacon of Brant, Norfolk and Oxford Deaneries.

A large number of parishioners, guests and clergy attended the event and there was a combined choir with the choir members of all three church attending.

Guest preacher for the evening was Very Rev. Paul Sherwood. His message paid tribute to the talents of our new rector, and urged everyone to work together to make this new venture a most successful one.

A very enjoyable reception took place in the parish hall following the ceremony.

Rev. Bradley Johnson brings to this ministry a great deal of enthusiasm, love of liturgy and a desire to see the parishes grow. We look forward to working along with him to make this a reality.

“He likes to keep his sermons short”

Rev. Johnson’s ministry as seen by a young Holy Trinity parishioner

At the first service of his that I attended Rev. Bradley Johnson told the congregation that he “likes to keep his sermons short,” to keep the attention of the congregation. Although his sermons are short, they are given life with his energy and enthusiasm.

Rev. Johnson attended Seminary for three years and graduated in 2014. He was then ordained at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London on November 30th 2015. When asked why he wanted to have this career he responded: “This is exactly where I should be.”

I asked what Johnson thought of the whole event himself and he noted “that all of the parishes were represented“ at the ceremony. He enjoys the diversity that the parishes have to offer.

On the evening of Rev. Johnson’s induction, this diversity was expressed in the voices of the choir that had members from all of the parishes in attendance. Rev. Johnson said he enjoyed their singing. He was also pleased with the reception after the service which allowed everyone to be together.

Rev. Bradley Johnson was inducted by Ven. Janet Griffith Clarke. During Rev. Johnson’s induction ceremony he had his mother, Thorine, and his wife, Laura close by to support him. The Rev. Paul Sherwood was there as well to not only support as a friend and mentor to Rev. Johnson but, to also do the regular part of the service.

The ceremony itself went smoothly with no hiccups, and everyone was very proud of Father Bradley.

Mackenzie Burnside