National Aboriginal Day of Prayer: The Four Direction Prayer

National Aboriginal Day of Prayer: The Four Direction Prayer

Rev. Mark Loyal of St. John the Baptist, Walpole Island First Nation, created this video to mark this year’s National Aboriginal Day (Sunday, June 21).

This is a day celebrating all that Creator is doing.

We come with our own cultural perspectives and sometimes make the mistake of assuming that other cultural realities are not as important. Jesus listened to racist voices and his heart responded in action, opening eyes to the Kingdom of God where all are welcome. We are on a sacred journey together as the Holy Spirit guides and builds relationships.

Here are some of the ways you and your congregation can join Indigenous Peoples this National Aboriginal Day:


  • Rev. Rosalyn Elm has shared  a way to walk together inspired by Isaiah 40: 25-31, to respond to our calling and build a relationship of justice with truth telling. We are invited “to spread our wings and let go”. The prayers are written by Lutheran Pastor Janaki Bandara, member of the Primate’s Commission of the Doctrine of Discovery and music by Scott Knaar, Lutheran Three Ministry at Six Nation’s Grand River Territory.
  • There will be a service for Sunday that will come out next Thursday on the ACIP site.
  • The Anglican Church of Canada website also has a variety of resources that you can access.