Missionary Mayhem at St. Mark’s and All Saints’, London

By Rev. Claire Wood, Olney, England

When a crazy unbelievable suggestions is made, one’s first reaction is to walk away.

Yet when the rector of All Saints’ and St. Mark’s parish, London, ON received the suggestion to join together and hold a two week Vacation Bible School (VBS) program with the rector from Olney, England, he stepped out boldly.

Eighteen months later the local communities are enjoying the many blessings of this joint venture.

The ten teenagers and eight adults, two of which are known as the grandmothers of the group, are leading the VBS program “Missionary Mayhem”. The U.K team raised their own funds for flights and accommodations and some meals that were not provided for them by the church ladies to come to London from July 28 to August 14. Their funds were raised through cake bake sales, making bath bombs, BBQ and music evenings, Hungarian Dinners and many more projects.

The connections between U.K students and VBS attendees have seen new miracles and VBS has become a place in which the gifts and skills have grown in new directions.

Both All Saints’ and St. Mark’s communities are strongly guided in their faith in Christ and their desire for all to be included as fundamental points of agreement and practice in the Gospel Message. This has brought about the making known of unique needs and life experiences that will be treasured by all who have been a part of this.

Both All Saints’ and St. Mark’s are already looking forward and visioning next year’s VBS program and are always looking for others to be involved. If you are wanting to be a volunteer in this great venture please contact All Saints at 519-439-4611.