Living in an ‘in-between’ time

Bishop Linda NichollsThere are times in our lives when we are ‘between’, when we are caught between and the past and the future.

This can be a joyful time, like the in’-between’ time of a pregnancy as about-to-be parents remember their past freedom and anticipate the responsibility and joy of the coming child. Or it could be a time of anxiety such as the time between the ending of a job and finding a new one.

The rapid pace of change around us has meant that many live in the curious purgatory of trying to keep up with technology sufficiently to participate in the world – and in a constant ‘between’ time!

Our churches are in an in-between time as the traditional ways of being the church still speak to some but are unknown and foreign to others. We live with some anxiety about where God is calling us and what the new possibilities may be.

Between May 26 and June 3 the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby has invited Anglicans worldwide to join in prayer – ‘Thy Kingdom Come’. As part of that worldwide call to prayer a small booklet of Pocket Prayers has been developed that invites us to pray with nine bible stories of people who were ‘in-between’. As we pray with them and their stories – we may hear echoes of our own journey and may begin to hear where God is calling us.

You can download the Pocket Prayer booklet at:

Our diocesan Synod will be taking place during this period of prayer to consider God’s call to us. Pray with us across our diocese from Ascension to Pentecost! Pray that we will wait with patience to hear God’s call… and live hopefully in this ‘in-between’ time. Pray with Anglicans worldwide ‘Thy Kingdom Come’!

+ Linda

(Featured photo: Nemati, rgbstock)