Let the Lord change you into a prayer warrior

By Rev. Kim Metelka

This past fall I watched a movie that changed my life.  It was called War Room.

It was about a woman, Miss Clara, who discovered the importance of prayer in her own life and wanted to share and teach it to another woman so it could be passed on.

Miss Clara made her clothes closet into a prayer closet. She wrote her prayers, she prayed knowing that her prayers would be answered, one way or another. She trusted the Lord and in the Lord’s promises. She was definitely my definition of a prayer warrior.  She lived her faith to the fullest by word and example.

Her student and friend began slowly – lukewarm you may say. It was difficult for her to find the time but when her marriage was on the line, she took action. She began to fight the correct way and that was through prayer. She gained her strength through Jesus. She began to believe that prayer truly made a difference in her life.

I guess this resonated with me at that time because I was in the middle of the Rev. Nadia Bolz-Weber’s book, Accidental Saints: Finding God in All the Wrong People, when she was telling the story about her friend Steve who asked the question, “What would happen if I really believed.”

What would our prayer life look like, if we truly believed that Jesus will answer our prayers, whether it was to our liking or not? Would we pray differently? Would we find ourselves in the Word more often, learning what the Lord is calling us to do? What would it mean to be a prayer warrior in today’s world?

We are now entering into the Easter season of rebirth and renewal. Let the Lord change you into the prayer warrior you have been called to be.

I recommend both the movie and the book to you for your spring watching and reading pleasure.

Rev. Kim Metelka is AFP executive and rector of St. Stephen’s & Church of the Redeemer, Oldcastle and Colchester.