Justice Camp: coming soon to the Diocese of Huron

By Rev. Chris Brouillard-Coyle

This year the Diocese of Huron has the privilege of joining the list of dioceses whose passion for social justice has inspired programming open to the entire country! Called Justice Camp, these weeklong experiences have encouraged Anglicans, Lutherans and others to explore the ways in which we live out the Marks of Mission.

The first of these camps focused on Food Justice and was held in Winnipeg in 2005. Since then, there has been:

  • Advocacy Justice Camp, Ottawa, 2006
  • Environment Justice Camp, Victoria, 2007
  • Poverty Justice Camp, Nova Scotia/PEI, 2009
  • Community Justice Camp, Niagara, 2010
  • Shalom Justice Camp, Toronto, 2012
  • Land Justice Camp, Edmonton, 2014
  • International Justice Camp, Cuba, 2016

Traditionally, these camps have been weeklong experiences focused on the identified theme with 3-day immersion experiences which further highlight aspects of that theme. Some may recall that I attended Land Justice Camp in 2014 and wrote extensively about my experiences exploring the issues surrounding Alberta’s Tar Sands.

The Diocese of Huron is blessed by the fact that we have something which is unique to our diocese, a committee which gathers together the various justice-based committees of the diocese for mutual sharing, support and collaboration. It is the ability of the Justice League of Huron to work together which has fueled our reflection of what this diocese could bring to Justice Camp.

Respect Justice Camp, 2019 thus seeks to bring together people of faith in an effort to further explore the ways in which we can respect God’s Beloved children, including God’s creation, so that we, in turn, seek to collaborate with these individuals in meaningful and progressive ways.

The camp will be held in the Deanery of Essex, Aug. 13-19 and is open to all those who are 18 and over. Local churches have already begun to volunteer their gifts to assist with meals and programming.  The hope of the planning team is to develop interactive opportunities to explore more deeply our relationships with each other and creation.  Plenary sessions will likely include collaboration across generations, collaboration with other faiths, an exploration of our theology of dancing together with the Trinity and an opportunity to advocate based on immersion experiences.  Worship, music, food and fellowship will round out our days.

Planning to date is exploring the following immersion experiences:

  • Respect for Creation
  • Collaboration with First Nations
  • Respect for and Collaboration with People with Disabilities
  • Collaboration with those living in poverty
  • Collaboration with companion dioceses – Diocese of Amazonia
  • Respect for and Collaboration with LGBTQ2ia+
  • Collaboration with migrant workers

The expectation is that these experiences will provide profound insights into the gifts each of these groups brings to our world and the challenges these face in an effort to further inspire our response as people of faith called to live out the Marks of Mission.

More information is available at or follow “Respect Justice Camp” on Facebook. Registration open soon!

Rev. Chris Brouillard-Coyle is the Social & Ecological Justice Huron co-chair.